Bike, Scooter, Car, Bus, Jeep, Micro – Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075-2076

It is sole duty of any citizen to pay their taxes. To ride any vehicles on the public road all of us should pay tax to the government. The tax amount differs between vehicles depending upon their ownership, and size.

As of May 29, 2018 (Jestha 15th 2075) Nepal Government has Made some changes to the vehicle tax as per the budget speech. The changes are mainly for High CC Bikes, Cars, and Jeeps.

The Vehicle Tax rate as set by Nepal government for the fiscal year 2075-76 is as follows.

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Bike, Scooter, Car, Bus, Jeep, Micro – Vehicle Tax Nepal 2075-76

Private Vehicles Tax Rates 2075-76

Road Tax Rate for Bikes and Scooters (Updated Jestha 15th 2075 )

Up to 150cc Rs. 15,000
151cc to 250cc Rs. 18,000
251cc to 400cc Rs. 50,000
401cc and higher about Rs. 1,80,000

Annual Tax Rate for Bikes and Scooters

Up to 125cc Rs. 2,500
126cc to 150cc Rs. 4,000
151cc to 250cc Rs. 8,000
251cc to 400cc Rs. 16,000
401cc and higher Rs. 30,000

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Tax Rate for Car, Micro Bus, Jeep, Van

Up to 1000cc Rs. 19,000
1001cc to 1500cc Rs. 21,000
1501cc to 2000cc Rs. 23,000
2001cc to 2500cc Rs. 32,000
2501cc to 2900cc Rs. 37,000
2901cc and higher Rs. 53,000

Tax Rate for Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheelers, Tempo, Tractors and Power Tiller

Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheelers and Tempo Rs. 5,000
Tractor Rs. 4,000
Power Tiller Rs. 3,000

Tax Rate for Heavy Vehicles

Dozer, Excavator, Loader, Roller, Tipper, Crane Rs. 35,000
Mini-Tipper Rs. 25,000

Tax Rate for Buses

Minitruck/Minibus Rs. 22,000
Truck/Bus Rs. 30,000

Public Vehicles Tax rates 2075-2076

Tax Rate for Car, Jeep, Van, Micro Bus 2075-2076

Up to 1300cc Rs. 8,000
1301cc to 2000cc Rs. 9,000
2001cc to 2900cc Rs. 11,000
2901cc to 4000cc Rs. 13,000
4001cc and higher Rs. 15,000

Tax Rate for Auto Rickshaws, Three Wheelers, Tempos etc. 2075-76

Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheeler and Tempo Rs. 4,000
Tractor Rs. 2,500
Power Tiller Rs. 2,000

Tax Rate for Buses 2075-76

Minitruck, Minibus Rs. 12,000
Mini Tripper Rs. 14,000
Truck, Bus Rs. 16,000

Tax Rate for Heavy Duty Vehicles  2075-76

Dozers, Excavator, Loader, Roller, Tipper, Crane Rs. 17,000


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