Top Ten Nepali Rappers

Hip-Hop, the art movement was developed in the United States during late 1970’s by inner-city African Americans. It consists of the rhythmic spoken delivery of rhymes and wordplay known as Rap. The main focus of the hip-hop song was to release the pain and the frustration a person is holding within. It may include the political disputes and personal frustration that an artist speaks in a rhyme. This genre of song gained listeners only after a long time as hip-hop was not considered a good music at then.

Like every other country hip-hop also needed some time to grow its listener and get accepted by the society.  The man who gave everything to start and grow Hip-Hop in our country Nepal is the legendary Girish Khatiwada a.ka. Gorkhali G.  He took the first step and then others followed with their own unique flow giving a drastic change to the Nep-Hop community and now it has been mostly accepted by the people of our country. All thanks to Girish Dai and his team for this step.

In recent days Raw Barz is gaining a lot of hype. Raw Barz is a live battle between two rappers in which each of them throws free punchlines against their opponent trying to dominate their points. Raw means freestyle and Barz means Punchlines Hence RawBarz.

We, List Nepal team thought to give the list of top 10 rappers from Nepal who have been contributing for Nep-Hop.

Top Ten Nepali Rappers | Best Nepali Rappers

1. Girish Khatiwada a.k.a Gorkhali G

Girish is the starter of the rap song in Nepal with his first song “meaningless rap”. Girish dai is now the legend of NepHop Community. His song like Ma yesto chu, Da Drug Song has been the greatest hits of all time.
After completion of BBA, and numerous offers from many record labels, Girish met Pranil again to discuss their second studio album ‘Back Again‘.  This album ‘Back Again’ included a song titled ‘Ma Yesto Chhu‘ which peaked at no1 charts on many national Radio Stations and TV Channels making them a house-hold name. The album did even better commercially inviting them to shows around Nepal and abroad. At this time, Girish was preparing a rap crew called ‘Girish & theUnity’ to introduce new rappers to the Nepali Hip Hop scene. At the same time, Girish was preparing for his higher education in the United States so he could complete his further studies to keep his parents happy and witness the American HipHop scene first hand. He completes his studio work for his next concept album titled ‘Girish & theUnity presents X‘. This album included songs like ‘Shez da Bomb‘, ‘Da Drug Song‘, ‘Money‘, ‘Malai Vote Deu’ and many other chart-topping hits.

Girish headed to the Unites States to complete his MBA, learnt DJing, music production and returned back home to Nepal in 2011 to server the Nepali Pop Music industry. On his return, he gave continuous hits like ‘Tolaibaschhu ft Ethos’, ‘Sadak ko Army‘, ‘Ganja Man‘, ‘Lakhar Lakhar ft Sugam Pokharel’, ‘Miss Kollywood ft B8′ and many.

Girish currently busy preparing his new album ‘Nakabandi‘ – the name beacause the entire album was written, composed and recorded during the unofficial Indian blockade to Nepal.

Girish Khatiwada, sometimes referred to as Girish Nephop or Gorkhali G — from Girishnephop. com


First Album: Girish – Pranil (Meaningless Rap – the album) {tape/cassette release)

Second Album: Girish Pranil (Back Again)

Third Album: Girish and theUnity presents X

Fourth album: Girish – Sadak ko Army (online release)

Fifth album: Girish NepHop – Greatest Hits (iTunes/ Spotify/ Amazon/ Google Play)

6th album: Nakabandi

2. Yama Buddha

Yama Buddha has brought the NepHop to the next level, Giving massive hits like Saathi and Ma futchu tara Jukdina, Aama, Yo Prasanga and many more. He also has been the core member of RawBarz to promote Nephop Community. As all of you might not know but Yama Buddha’s real name is Anil Adhikari.

Yama was much loved by the young audience as his songs carried the soul of all the Nepali youngsters. Most of his songs relate to common social problems of Nepali Society such as drug trafficking, sex trafficking, drug addiction, and homelessness. He Even has collabrated with American Rapper Snoop Dogg which itself is great achievement any Nepali rapper and Nepali rap industry. We feel disheartened that we lost such a talented artist so early of age. His Songs and legacy will always stay in heart of every Nepalese.


Ekadesh (2012)

Khatra (Album by Yama Buddha) (2017)

3. Nepsydaz

During the era of nep-hop start, many rappers were born but couldn’t give actually flow or mean with uniqueness and Nepali pan bringing songs to the audience like “Maya ” and “Timi Mero Man ma”. Manas Ghale, one of the member is still contributing to NepHop.

Da Nepsydaz is one of the popular hip-hop bands in Nepal. Initially, this group consisted of four members Mistah K, Zero Level, Manas, and Schizo. These group called themselves Da Nepsythugs during early days. A fellow rapper changed their group name to Da Nepsydaz. Their first album is called KTM Reality, which did not earn much success as rap was just taking its baby step in the Nepalese music industry.

Da Nepsydaz released their first single featured with saychung “HELL RAIZER” in local fms on 21st of July 2002. While (Kiran and manas) two were thinkin’ about doing other songs they met schizo, he came to Nepal after his study abroad and he was doing his further studies in Kathmandu, schizo is known for his famous freestyle rhymes, poetic lyrics. Nepsydaz released their first album *Ktm Reality* on 2003 which was an underground album after that Schizo left the band and they moved on with their second album *made in Nepal*(2005) with their first Video “Chudaina” feat. 1974 A.D. and Vram feat.Bishwo, it included hit numbers like Maya which won the 8th Annual Image Awards (Best song by group).

Manas Ghale have been seeing in the promotion of Nephop through Rawbarz, a group that helps in growing rap battle.

Started —– 2000

Genre —– Nephop(Hip-hop)-Artist

Members —– Kiran Shrestha(Mistah k), Manas Ghale(Loorey), Gyanon Chitrakar(Zero Level)

Hometown —– Kathmandu, Nepal

Record Label —– Reeyaz & Yuva Records

Current Location —– Kathmandu

General Manager   /Media contact —– [email protected]

4. The Unity

The Unity has been one of the greatest Nep Hop band of Nepal. They came to the light mainly after the song Ma prem ma which was the remix of the song itself sung by Girish Khatiwada and Sugam Pokharel. This song was found to be more successful than the origin itself. The band consists of Sudin Pokharel , Asif Shah, and Aidray. They have given massive hits to the Nep-Hop Community from there songs like Pahilo Maya, Chyangba Oi Chyangba . Their tribute to late Cool pokharel was a massive hit. Sudin pokharel aka Da 69 was one of the artists to sing with Girish And Pranil Album BackAgain in “Ma yesto chu ma testo chu” song. Aidray himself has been a great influence on the Nep-Hop freestyle poets of Nepal. There latest song was Asha Ajhai, a satire to the Politician of our country and Saamjhana – a song of a Nepali citizen living in foreign countries.
The Unity has given a new flow of Rap with there album Vyakaran Of Rap which was also a massive hit. The album consists of songs lai Ajha feri, Prem Ani Ago.
These days though Asif shah and aidray have been bringing their tracks but have not been bringing out their song being a band member. But WAIT!! there is still a good news for the fans of The Unity, the band has recently tweeted that they will be releasing their song soon and be back to rise the Nep Hop community. We can guarantee that their new song is gonna give the next level to Nep Hop as we have started thinking if they have a Midas Touch cause whatever they release to the society, it has always been inspiring. Why not call them a Midas??? Its for you to decide

5. Laure (Ashish)

Ashish Rana (born June 25, 1989) is a Nepalese rapper, actor, and Judge of the Himalaya Roadies popularly known by his stage name – “Laure”. He presented his rapping via a rap battle on YouTube which gained him popularity. He was the most searched for Nepalese celebrity on Google in the year 2013

His unique Nepali flow has made him the most popular and successful rapper of Nepal. He got fame through the Raw Barz.

He has contributed to Nep-Hop with songs like Nephop ko Bato, Case no.420, Haude, Mero Solta, Sabai ho Laure, Banawati. His latest song is Superraga. Being famous among youth, he has also become a role model for those who want to contribute to NepHop society. Now, he has his own Production house and according to him, he wants young and new rappers to come and work with him in order to promote NepHop.

Laure debut in the movie was with Tandav where he was given a lead role.

He also was the judge of the first Himalaya Roadies along with Raymon Das and Diya maskey.

6. Nirnaya Da NSK

Nirnaya Da’ NSK, real name is Nirnaya Shrestha. NSK that stands for ‘Naughty Soul Kid’ is not only famous for his hip hop and R&B music but is also famous for his involvement in social cause, most importantly providing education to the underprivileged children.

He is the founder, engineer, performing artist, concept developer and motivator for the Nirnaya Da NSK’s Tour for Education that started in 2006 with the theme ‘Education is the Foundation of Life’. He had and has been performing at different schools of Nepal along with his team, collecting books, stationeries and education materials which are later distributed all across the country where the children need these. Also, a founder member of a social organization for the children, their education and the awareness of HIV/AIDS named Nava Dailo, he has not only made contributions in the field of social work but also in the field of Nepali music.

Back in 1997-2000, He was involved in is school band named Life Sucks. Then came another of his amateur band name Nirnaya and the All-Stars that lasted from 1999 to 2000. After that, he came up with his professional group Rappaz Union releasing their first album in the year 2000.

7.GX SOul

GXSOUL is a Nepalese hip hop group founded in 2006. “GXSOUL”  stands for “Gorkhali Extreme Soul”.The group’s founder members are known as Viber BI / Bibaz Jung Giri and Nimasang. Bulletflo, also known as Suraj Bikram Thapa, was included in the group from 2011 to 2016

GXSOUL’s most successful songs include “Raat Vari”, “Satayera”, “Mitho Sapana” and “Yo Timlay Garda Ho”.These were the most viewed Nepali hip-hop videos on YouTube. In 2014 their collaboration with COD (Crews On Destiny) ‘Maridinchu’ and Ankit Dhakal ‘Ek Muskaan topped local charts and went popular among their national and international fan base.

There other songs include of :

Timro Mero Sambandha, Chitra, Yo timile Garda Ho, Ek Muskaan, Maaridinchu, Keti Timi, Impossible

8. MadZone

“Keti Timi Katti Ramri Dhekheko…”This song leads Payal Shakya(the model in the music video), our former Miss Nepal running through your mind right now? Yes, this debut song of MadZone, a budding hip-hop group in the town has won a few acclaims and most importantly, has been successful in creating their distinct identity.

Band member consists of Lil B and Psycho Mastah.

The band was born in 2003 but it took a long time for the debut album to hit the markets.

Their other song that took the market was “Timi Nai mero man ki rani” with Sugam Pokharel. This was the massive hit songs and was also one of the most requested songs in radios and television by loved ones.

9. ???????????????

10. ??????????????

So these are our Favorite picks for top 8. Have we missed any of your favourite who should have been on the list? Well Then comment below, the remaining 2 are for our audience to choose.

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