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Top 20 Nepali Patriotic Songs | Best Nepali National Songs

It is obvious for any citizen of any country to have love towards his or her nation. And, we, people of Nepal, are no different. We want to reflect our love towards the nation in many different ways. One of the best ways to revive the feeling of belonging to the nation is through the national songs. These songs are what we’ve been listening to, dancing on and singing along since long. The best part about the Best Nepali Patriotic National Songs is they never get old. To watch such songs we don’t necessarily need a good video. Even if we get a lyrical video of the song, we would definitely play it more than once. It is because when such songs are played we dive deep into imagination remembering the glorious people from the past, reviving old historic moments and reliving the typical Nepali life.

Understanding your love towards the nation and your urge to listening Patriotic songs, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Best Nepali Patriotic National Songs and here they are:

Best Nepali Patriotic National Songs | Top 20

1. Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka Hami – National Anthem

In the list of patriotic Nepali songs, how could we avoid the Nepali national anthem? Our national anthem is so beautifully written. Every word in the anthem describes our country at its best. It symbolizes and explains how exactly Nepal is the country with “Unity in Diversity”. The simply worded anthem symbolizes Nepalese Sovereignty, Unity, Courage, Pride, scenic beauty, progress, peace, cultural and biological diversity, and respect.

Lyrics: Pradeep Kumar Rai (widely known as Byakul Maila)

Music: Amber Gurung

2. Raato Ra Chandra Surya

Lyrics: Gopal Prasad Rimal



3. Baneko Cha Paharale – Gopal Yonjan

Vocal: Gopal Yonjan

Lyrics: Gopal Yonjan

Music: Gopal Yonjan

4. Jaha Chhan Buddha Kaa Ankhaa – BhaktaRaj Acharya

The song is originally sung by BhaktaRaj Acharya. However, it has been resung by his sons at a later date.

5. Ma Mare pani Mero Desh Baachi Rahosh

Lyrics: Prem Prakash Malla

Music: Shiv Shankar Manandhar

Singer: Shiv Shankar Manandhar

6. Yo Nepali Sir Uchali Sansaar maa Lamkinchha

Lyrics: Bhupi Serchan

Music : Natikaji

Singer: Prem Dhoj Pradhan / Tara Devi

Record Date: 1955 AD in Radio Nepal

7. Jaaga Lamka Chamka hai

Lyrics : Ratna Shamsher Thapa

Singer : Ram Krishna Dhakal & Rajesh Payal Rai

8. Nepali Hami Rahaula Kaha

Lyrics: Madhav Prasad Ghimire

Music: NatiKaji

Vocal: Natikaji

9. Paschim Kohi Purba Ghar

Lyrics: Gopal Yonjan

Music: Gopal Yonjan

Vocal: Gopal Yonjan

10. Gauchha Geet Nepali

Lyrics: Madhav Prasad Ghimire

Music: Unknown

Vocal: Ananda Karki, Kunti Moktan, Tara Thapa, Mamtaa Dipbam, Raaju Lama

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11. Hatne Hoina Dati Ladne

Lyrics: Unknown

Music: Unknown

Singers: Ganesh Rashik (Rai) and Friends

12. Deshle Ragat Maage

Lyrics: Gopal Yonjan

Music: Gopal Yonjan

Vocal: Gopal Yonjan

13 Yo Mann ta Mero Nepali Ho

Lyrics: 1974 AD

Music: 1974 AD

Vocal: 1974 AD

14. Yo Karma Bhumi ko Aagan maa



Vocal: Deepak Kharel

15. Mero Topi Kailash ko Shir Jasto – Gopal Yonjan

Lyrics: Gopal Yonjan



16. Gau Gau Bata Utha – Balidaan

Lyrics: Ramesh Shrestha, Om Shrestha



17. Saya Thari Baja Yeutai Taal


Music: Nhyoo Bajracharya

Vocal: Tara Thapa

18. Yaha Deshko Chha Chinta

Lyrics: Krishna Hari Baral

Music: Suresh Gaire

Vocal: Deepak Limbu

19. Euta Manchhe Khoji Rahechhu

Lyrics: Dr. Bishwanath “Prem”

Music: Dr. Bishwanath “Prem”

Vocal: Shishir Yogi

20. Aama Bhandai Runa Paun

Lyrics: SP Koirala

Music: Alokshree

Vocal: Karna Das

Bonus Picks:

Himal Dekhna Paiyosh

Lyrics/Music/Vocal: Ram Krishna Dhakal

Shanti Lukau Kaha

Lyrics: Basanta Chaudhary

Music: Nhooy Bajracharya

Vocal: Various Artists

We’ve tried our best to compile top 20 (or should we say 22?) Best Nepali Patriotic National Songs. But still, if you think we missed a one we shouldn’t have then please mention the song in the comment section below. Thank You.



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