5 Things To Do In Kathmandu For Tourists

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is a bustling, vibrant and noisy city. However, the city carries its own history, culture, and significance of over 2500 years. The city is a concrete jungle, but somewhere in its heart, the city still possesses great importance. Full of temples, palaces, and unique stuff to do, this city can indulge you in ways you never thought possible…if you know where to look. It can offer you anything…from cheap thrills to spiritual relaxation. If you’re looking to spend some time in the city, you might need some guidance. Here are the 5 things to do in Kathmandu for tourists.

Things To Do In Kathmandu.

1) Sample local cuisine

This one tops the list of things to do in Kathmandu. Kathmandu, being home to many cultures and ethnic groups, has a wide range of local cuisine you can sample. The city is mostly known for the assortment of Newari flavors, but there are also quite a few other ethnic cuisines as well! And the best part is that you don’t have to walk into a fancy cultural restaurant to taste them. Even the small eateries and roadside places serve quite amazing local dishes – from the highly popular bara and Chhoila to dishes like Laphing and such. Sure, if you want to try specialized Newari dishes or Tibetan, we recommend you go to either Kirtipur or Boudha. But if you want the local taste in a local place, the streets of Kathmandu is a haven for sampling local cuisines for you.

And if you are confused about what and where, there is a Local Food Tour, where you’re guided through the local parts of the city to sample the most authentic local cuisine! For a fee, of course…

2) A mix of history and culture

Of course, Kathmandu is home to seven of the 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal! So, your time in Kathmandu will be well spent. Three of those sites are the ever popular Durbar squares located in three different districts of the valley. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and the Patan Durbar Square will give you a glimpse of the history of Kathmandu. The palaces now turned temples stand there for you to visit, and there are quite a few of them. The earthquake few years back has taken its toll, but a part of the history still remains. If you take a guided tour, then you will definitely be fascinated by these three squares of Kathmandu!

In addition, Kathmandu has a number of museums, including the Narayanhiti palace turned museum, that will quench your thirst for knowledge and history.

3) Some Soul Searching

Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and a home to many deities of the Hindu culture is also a place for your spiritual awakening. And you don’t have to visit very far for that, either. The capital city has what you seek. Swayabhunath, a pilgrimage site for many Buddhists from all over the world, and Boudhanath are the two places to go to calm your spirits. Also, evenings at Pashupatinath temple, when they do aarati, is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have! And interestingly, all these places are listed in the World Heritage Site. Not only that but if you want to join meditation programs, the city has that too. Ranging from 1-day to 10-day Vipassana courses, there are places you can join to do some soul-searching.

4) Party Time?

Maybe you have been away from home a long time, and you miss visiting the pubs and bars, getting a bit tipsy and dancing all night long? Well, Kathmandu’s got you covered on that front as well! The city does have quite a lot of lively places, lounges, and bars for you to experience the nightlife. Thamel is that part of town, which is known to be wild at night! There are also quite a few places in Durbarmarg. There are pubs and bars, lounges, nightclubs and discos for you to bring out your party animal, knock down a few drinks and dance to your fill to the best DJs in the country! You can add this activity to your things to do in Kathmandu list.

5) Take a part of Nepal with you

Let’s say your visit here is about to end. Yes, you will take back some souvenirs with you. And yes, there are a lot of those to choose from – those wonderfully painted Thankas to the small Khukuris. Also, there are those small silver wares, ornaments, and earthen pots and stuff! You can buy from a wide range of choices. But what if you could take something more? Say, learning to prepare the traditional Nepali food? Or maybe learning to craft those earthen pots yourself? Yes, if you want to, there are places that offer classes exclusively to tourists! There are options like Thanka painting, Woodcarving lessens, pottery lessons, mo:mo making classes, khukuri crafting classes and much more. You just need to know where to look or ask your local guide for the information.

So, these were the 5 things to do in Kathmandu for tourists. The city is full of exciting things for you to do. Wherever your interests lie, the city can indulge you. What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to know more about such? If so, please stick with us.

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