Sisneri – The Natural Swimming Pool ( A Traveler’s Guide )


Sisneri – the Natural Swimming Pool

( Sisneri – the Natural Swimming Pool ) So the summer is about to be over soon. It’s actually been raining havoc these past few days. But even so, there are plenty of hot days to come. And while many of us would love nothing more than to splash around in a pool, we tend to get bored with the commercial swimming pools in the city. There are only so many we can visit. But of course, there’s Sisneri. You must have heard of it. It is very popular as the Sisneri – natural swimming pool.

And Sisneri does actually live up to its name. I mean, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to swim with nature if they got a chance? I, myself, had the opportunity to visit there with a group of friends, and I went – even though I couldn’t swim at all.


sisneri - the natural swimming pool

Sisneri – the natural swimming pool

Sisneri is located at Makwanpur district at around 35 km south of Kathmandu valley. It is a Village Development Committee, so, not really developed in terms of roads. The place is also thinly populated, and after you visit the place, you will actually find more people from the city itself rather than the locals. The VDC has small tea shops and diners that cater to the visitors.

As for the swimming pool, it is actually located a bit farther from the populated area. It is also not very, big and you can even miss it quite easily. But since its very popular, you can ask almost anyone around and they’ll tell you where it is. The pool, however small, actually looks stunning in its aqua-green color. It is surrounded by large rocks, giving it the impression that it’s actually quite big as it appears in photos. But no, it’s not as big as you’ve probably thought it is. But the glistening green water amidst the large rocks and greenery is breathtakingly lovely!

There are multiple pools, though. However, the one you’ve probably seen in photos is the main one. There are some smaller ones nearby as well.

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1How to get to Sisneri - the natural swimming pool?

I know of two ways through which you can get there. The more popular route seems to be the one from Dakshinkali. It’s like the central point before you get to Sisneri. You can follow any route to the Dakshinkali temple, after which, you can simply follow the road. You will eventually reach the Sisneri VDC. You will pass a resort, known as “Chhaimale Resort” on the way.

Also, you will get to a police checkpoint, where you will be asked for your papers. After the checkpoint, you will arrive at a suspension bridge. But, you have to take a left which will lead you to a small river. You have to cross that to get to your destination. But since it’s actually a very small one, your bikes will easily cross it. You just have to be careful enough not to slip on the rocks below. After that, you will have reached your destination. The route would have taken you 3 hours if the roads were good, but it will actually take you more than 4 due to the rough roads.

Alternate Way

Another way is through the small lanes of Bungamati in Bhaisepati. This is the shorter route and actually a less rough. But the paths are narrow, and very misleading, too. You have to stop every now and then and ask the locals. And many of them won’t actually know, either. And if you think Google Maps can help you…not really. It nearly got us lost. That is why this road remains mostly unexplored.

Getting to this place is not easy, however. Sisneri is a beautiful place, but the roads, however, are far from it. Which is why the public mode of transport is limited only up to Dakshinkali. And if you think the road to Dakshinkali is rough, you haven’t seen anything yet. The roads after that are full of bumps, which will take quite a toll on your bikes. It’s also very dusty, so, be sure to carry a mask and something to cover your head and face. I recommend you wear something old of yours so that you don’t ruin your new clothes. Overall, be prepared for a rough ride.

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2What to do at Sisneri - the natural swimming pool?

Well since you are going here to swim in the natural pool, that’s actually about it. If you do want to stay a night, however, the “Chhaimale resort” is the one. However, you won’t actually find any compelling reason to stay. You go in the morning, reach there by noon or so, swim to your fill, and then, return. But the swimming experience you will have will be one of the best ever. The pool is actually running water, so, even though it appears green, it is the clearest and cleanest pond you will see.

However, the place is mostly full of people, because, it is a very popular destination. It’s mostly full of boys and men in their boxers, so, if you’re not comfortable with swimming in the crowd, you will have to wait! And if you do wait, you won’t regret it. However, if you aren’t a good swimmer, don’t jump into this main pool. It’s actually deep and the rocks are slippery. You might want to go out some distance into a shallower pool as well. This one scarcely has any people in it, and the water in it is the very one that flows from the main pool.

However, the place doesn’t have much to offer besides the natural swimming pool and the view. It can indulge you for a day. And even though the place is beautiful, the water stunning, and the experience breath-taking, the road is harsh.

I guess it’s rightly said – You have to pass through purgatory to get to heaven!

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