Short Cycling Routes in Kathmandu

Short Cycling Routes in Kathmandu

Despite being a busy city with little countryside, Kathmandu provides some of the best cycling routes. Many cyclists and trekkers consider Kathmandu to be heavenly. There are several places that simply fascinate visitors and compel them to sink in the beauty this place offers. It is simple to hire bicycles and cycling equipment here. The roads are well-kept and broad, and they wind their way through numerous valleys and tiny communities. Nepal has drawn hundreds of tourists due to its natural beauty, and it has not disappointed them with its divine beauty.

Nepal is at its most unique at almost every aspect. Every visitor will expect something new, something fresh and better and Nepal makes sure the visitors are satisfied. As a result, this adored country is a great site for you to see every nook and corner, and it should be at the top of your travel bucket list this year. These are some great places to visit while cycling with your friends and take a break from all the stress in Kathmandu and they’re mentioned below:

  • Kathmandu-Nagarkot:

Nagarkot, which is around 28 kilometers from Kathmandu, is one of the best places to visit or cycle to. You’ll ride on an inclination that’s suitable for both intermediate and pro bikers. This enjoyable and doubtful journey will take you along a newly constructed roadway as well as a few minutes of tough steep climbs. This is also the greatest site to learn more about the Newar community if you’re interested in Nepali culture. Although the roads may be muddy and the ride may be bumpy, your frustrations and second thoughts will go away as you approach the hills and their breathtaking views. The route concludes in Nagarkot, where riders can eat before being driven back to their starting point i.e., Kathmandu. It takes around four to five hours to complete this journey.

  • Balaju- Kakani:

This is again another route with stunning scenery. The journey to Shivapuri from Kathmandu begins in Balaju and continues till Kakani, some 23 kilometers from the city. The route continues through the Shivapuri Nagarjun Forest Reserve’s steep twists. You may cycle up to the Balaju bypass, where the tour begins, from here. It’s even easier and more comfortable because you simply stay on the main route and avoid any detours. Instead of going down the road that leads to Trishuli Bazar, follow the road to the right as you reach the crest of the hill and cross through the initial pass into the valley. The T-junction is easily identifiable to clear your confusions. Kakani is arrived after another 4 kilometers of riding up a hard slope. With so many tea shops around, it is a popular gathering spot for many visitors. People also desire to eat lunch while admiring the magnificent views of the mountains and trees after a long journey of sweating and not feeling tired at all.

  • Patan- Lakuri Bhanjyang:

The Patan to Lakuri Bhanjyang cycling route is 30 kilometers long. Although the journey may be rocky, the trail is pleasurable from the start, which is why it is classified as an intermediate level trail. The trail begins in the famous Patan mountain village and winds its way to Sundhara. After a few minutes of riding through the bustling Lubhu city, your exciting trip continues along the jeep track. As the snow-capped mountains and Kathmandu valley come into view, any exhaustion is washed away. We advise you not to be so taken aback by the sight that you take a detour. As you approach Bebar Khola, the second half of the trek becomes much more enjoyable. The ancient Newar, Chhetri, and Tamang communities are well-known in the Bebar Khola valley and it is certainly great to explore more about traditions and cultures of the communities present there. On a route that splits off to the left, it is better to slope towards Godawari or Bishanku Narayan, where the trek concludes.

  • Chobar- Champadevi:

This is one of the favorites of cyclists here in Nepal. Chobar Hill is around 10 kilometers south of Kathmandu. Chobar is just 50-60 minutes away, so it’s a quick and enjoyable trip. The primary attractions of this location are Chobar Gorge and Jal Vinayak temple. An about 8-kilometer cycle ride from Chobar village leads to a mountainous route that leads to Champa Devi. This is an excellent view point to witness the beauty of the entire valley and the big mountain range, including Mt. Everest if you’re lucky enough and reach there on a clear day. When it comes to returning, there are two options. You can either return to Kathmandu using the same path as before or travel to Pharping and then back to Kathmandu. It’s a bumpy, challenging journey up and down the slope.

  • Sundarijal- Balaju Trail:

This route, the last on the list, takes you to Sundarijal, a renowned tourist location near Kathmandu, in which you will explore the famous holy river Bagmati. After that, cyclists can have a pleasant ride through the forest on a dirt road that connects Sundarijal and Budhanilkantha. After an hour-long rise to Mulkharka, make a left turn into the Shivapuri National Park, where you’ll find a famous monastery. When you’ve finished exploring this area, depart from the hill and turn right at Budhanilkantha. Follow the road to Tokha, a village renowned for its radishes. And with a satisfied smile on your face, you might end your journey by cycling down Ring Road in Kathmandu to Samakhusi. This moderate journey will take about five to six hours for you to complete.

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In a nutshell, there is a variety of sites in Kathmandu where you may freshen up and take a break to spend some time in the rejuvenating natural surroundings. Aside from the areas mentioned in the list, there are many more spots where you may spend great time cycling with friends.

If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below.