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So you want to go off somewhere for a day, but not too far away. After all, you only get one or two days holiday at the most. And yes, everyone says Nepal is a country full of natural beauty and all. And there really are tons of places to travel and explore. But most such places are kinda far away, don’t you think? I mean, who wouldn’t want to trek on the Annapurna Base Camp? Or travel and explore the mystics of Mustang? You can only afford to go to such places probably only once or twice a year – arrange a long holiday, manage your budget and all. But if you want a quick getaway, here are 5 places to visit around Kathmandu.

Top Places To Visit Around Kathmandu

1) Mudkhu Bhanjyang View Tower

Mudkhu Bhanjyang View Tower

Mudkhu Bhanjyang View Tower is unknown to many still, but it gives you a spectacular view of the Kathmandu valley and mountains. Located to the north of Sapkotagaun, about 7 km away from Balaju, it is a place of peace and calm. It is located near Osho Tapoban on the way to Nuwakot. With cool weather and a breezy climate through a small forest, it’s also a good place to escape the valley’s heat and dust. However, to get to the place,  you might need to tolerate some dusty roads. It is a fabulous place for hiking and mountain biking. You can also go on a motorbike ride, but since you have to pass through an army check-post, you aren’t allowed to park along the roads. The best place to go is in the morning as the place is mostly empty then, and you can have the whole tower to yourself!

2) Markhu

Markhu , Top Places to visit in Nepal

You probably know about this place very well. It is a small town located on the banks of Indrasarovar, which is an artificial lake, that serves as a reservoir for Kulekhani Hydropower project. Only a few kilometers away from the valley, it is a place of eccentric beauty. The lake is the reason for the popularity of the place. You can also go on a boat ride, and the calm environment can easily retain you for a whole day. People usually go camping on the banks of the lake, where you can light a bonfire and dance by the lake at night in the cool weather.

3) Nagarkot

Morning View of Kathmandu Valley from Nagarkot


It is perhaps the most popular spot nearby Kathmandu, for all age groups, locals and tourists alike. Situated 32 km away from the valley, it can provide you with the best view of the panoramic mountain ranges, including Mt. Everest, all the way to its top. It is popular for its small view tower which can give you breathtaking views of Sunrise or Sunset, depending on the time you are here. Usually, people visit this place in the evening, stay the night and hike to the tower for the sunrise. It also has very good accommodations for staying and being situated at an elevation of 2185 meters, the foggy mornings can energize your soul pretty well.

4) Phulchowki

Beautiful View of Rainbow from Pulchowki, Nepal


The highest hill point inside the Kathmandu valley at 1800 m elevation, Phulchowki is a popular hiking spot. And since it is located close to the Godavari Botanical Garden, this is also a good place for bird watching as well.  From the top of the hill, you can get an almost all-around view of the mountain ranges, particularly of the Annapurna range to Gaurishankar. Also, the hiking route is good enough and quite scenic, even though most of it is uphill. This place is the first to gather snow in the valley, if it happens, making it a popular spot for snow lovers in winter. You can drive to the Godavari and then start your hiking from there. There is no accommodation on top though, so, the best time to be there is in the morning.

5) Sukute Beach

Sukute Beach Nepal


Located about 3 hours away from Kathmandu, Sukute Beach is a place as close to the sea you’ll get near Kathmandu. Surrounded by hills and greenery while the Bhotekoshi river runs in a calming manner, it is a perfect getaway for those who want some relaxation or beach parties, or both. The soft sand gives you a true beach-like experience while the sound of the flowing river can calm your mind greatly! Also a spot for rafting, swimming, fishing, and playing beach ball, this is quite a happening place during the summer and spring. Usually, people go to spend a night camping at the beach and rejuvenate themselves.

So, these are some of the best places to visit around Kathmandu. What other places do you like to visit? If you think we missed out on any, do let us know! Which one is the best among these places to visit around Kathmandu? Do vote below:

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