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Petrol Price in Nepal | Diesel Price in Nepal | Gas Price in Nepal

Gasoline products’ pricing keeps fluctuating over time everywhere and Nepal is no excuse. There are numerous reasons behind price hiking of petroleum products and to name a few they are: NOC’s loss, Dealer’s margin unsatisfaction, transporters demands, international price changes, and India’s price hiking. There are both pros and cons of having open borders between Nepal and India. Such system has a direct effect on petrol price in Nepal. Since both the countries can’t have a remarkable difference in the pricing, Nepal has to update the price of petroleum products soon after such updates in India. To give you the latest petrol price in Nepal, we’ve prepared this price list of petroleum products in Nepal. So, if you’re after the petrol price in Nepal today, you’ve come to the right place.

New Petrol Price in Nepal | Price of Petrol in Nepal Today | Today’s Petrol Rate

As per the last update (of February 1, 2018) from Nepal Oil Corporation, the current price of petroleum products in Nepal is as listed below:

New Petrol Price in Nepal per liter

The latest price of petrol in Nepal is Rs. 103.00 per liter.

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New Diesel Price in Nepal per liter

The current diesel price in Nepal per liter is Rs. 83.00.

New Kerosene Oil Price in Nepal per liter

As per Today’s fuel price in Nepal from NOC, the new price of Kerosene in Nepal is Rs. 83.00 per liter.

New LPG Gas Price in Nepal (per cylinder)

As per Today’s petroleum products price in Nepal by NOC, the latest LPG Gas price in Nepal is Rs. 1,375 per cylinder.

Current ATF price in Nepal per liter

The current price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) in Nepal per liter is Rs. 95.00.

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