Online Liquor Stores In Nepal | Alcohol, Beer, Wine Delivery In Nepal

For Any Occasions, Celebrations or Events Liquor has been the essential part of it. Here are the best online liquor stores in Nepal, that provides liquor delivery services to your home. These stores are open for an extended period of time which ensures that you get the services any time of the day.

Best Online Liquor Stores In Nepal | Alcohol, Beer, Wine Delivery In Nepal

1. Cheers –

Cheers is one of the most popular online liquor store in Nepal. They offer a vast variety of domestic and foreign liquors, cigarettes, beverages, and mixers. The Opening hours are 10 AM to 10 PM. But, worry not nobody drinks from early morning. The best thing is they are open 365 days a year, so you are covered for every occasion. Also, the delivery covers the area up to 6 KM outside the ring road and it is free.

For Payment method, they accept cash on delivery, a card on delivery, SCT MoCo and NPR Online Payment. Also, Do not worry if your friend flew abroad with a pending party they accept international Visa, credit card, Master card too.

Delivery Review: In our experience, we are 100% satisfied. They are always right on time.

Contact Details: (you can order via phone or Viber or website)

2. Darupasal –

Darupasal is another dedicated liquor store in Nepal. They also offer a vast selection of domestic and foreign liquors, cigarettes, beverages, and mixers.  You can remember them for huge parties too. They promise to deliver all the alcoholic beverages required for big parties or any special events.  They offer free delivery to your doorstep.

Payment type currently available is cash on delivery, though they promise to support more options.

Minimum Order: Rs 1000

Contact Details : (order via mobile of website)

These are two dedicated liquor stores currently operating in Kathmandu. There are other online stores that are not dedicated to delivering alcohol, but they do it along with other services. Here are some of them.

3. Aapand:

Payment : cash on Delivery, card on delivery

Minimum Order: Rs. 600

Delivery Free

Delivery Time: From 8:00 AM to 10:00PM

Contact Details:

  •   Phone  24/7 ,  01-4104363, 9851244494  

4. Bhatbhateni Online:

Contact Details:

  • Phone: +977-9818384778, +977-‎9851218186
  • Office: +977-1-5261877
  • Viber: +977-‎9851218186
  • Email [email protected]

5. Okdam:

Contact Details:

  • Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
  •  Phone: +977 1 4365151 , +977-9841621509
  •  Email: [email protected]