New Year’s Eve 2020 – Places To Be In Nepal

So…this year has come to an end. And with it, the new year begins a new beginning, new life maybe… While those may or may not be, one thing is for sure. New Year Parties! After whatever you all have gone through this year, it is only natural to relieve all that in the end, isn’t it? So, why not get an idea about where to celebrate your New Year 2020?

Here, we have some places and events around Kathmandu for you to celebrate New Year 2019! There are events at restaurants, hotels and even nature walk for the non-party people! 😉 So, this is New Year 2020 – Places to be!

1) New Year Eve Party – at Club Deja Vu

Club Deja Vu is a very popular nightclub/lounge in Kathmandu, and one of the most happening places for the party animals. The club is also known for organizing such dance parties and events regularly. And if you know them, then, you know the place doesn’t disappoint!

This year, they’re bringing “Hangover – Bringing back the madness”! A party that will last the whole night with drinks and snacks (which you will pay for of course :P)! There will be international performers, DJs, bands and single artists to give you your fill of the party life.

The event is on a ticket basis, so, make sure you reserve yours!

2) New Year 2020 Kalinchowk Hike

So let’s say partying with booze and dancing till you drop is not your way of celebrating. Maybe, you enjoy nature walks or sightseeing more. If so, then, this one might be the right way to celebrate this new year for you. This is a hike organized by Nature Visit Tours and Travels for the nature lovers out there.

It is a one night / two days package for singles or couples both. You can either choose your mode of transport, according to which, the cost shall differ. You will be first taken from Kalinchowk to Kuri village on the first day where you will be also provided with accommodation. On the second, you will hike to the famous Kalinchowk temple and return back to Kathmandu. A hike with a pilgrimage is a good way to start your New Year, isn’t it?

The event is a first come, first serve basis. Check here for more details.

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3)  New Year Celebrations at Fairfield Marriot

This is a New Year Celebrations event for those who like to party light. And by that, we mean knock back a few drinks, have a sumptuous dinner, kick back and enjoy a show. Nothing that involves getting hammered, or energetic activities.

Hotel Fairfield Marriot brings you this event to celebrate with your loved ones together. You can get an assortment of national and international cuisines, complemented with unlimited in-house drinks and live musical performances. And if the mood hits, you can also get a free entry to Club Fahrenheit as a part of this event. Also, you can join New Year’s Day Brunch the next day for another great meal with your near and dear ones.

For more information, go here.

4) New Year’s Eve Big Bash Masquerade Party

Now, if you are looking for something different at a New Year’s Eve Party, then, this one is for you. Masquerade parties, along with music and dancing, sound mysterious and fun, don’t they?

Turtle Bar and Lounge is another of some of the most popular party havens in town. And it brings you this classic masquerade themed party for you to celebrate with. The event will also feature live music, DJs and rock stars like Abhaya Subba herself! Dance to your fill with the hottest artist of Kathmandu!

For more information, check here.

So, these were some of the events and places to be this New Year’s Eve. Of course, there are other places to party in Kathmandu as well. Having fun is important, but make sure your party responsibly as well, people. Have a Happy New Years!

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