Cute Nepali Nicknames for Boyfriend | Romantic Names for Husband

The name is what helps us know a person but to be closer with him, the nickname is what we need. So, to help you be closer with your boyfriend or husband, we’ve created a list of cute Nepali nicknames for boyfriends. Hence, this post is all about Romantic Names you can use to call your Husband/Boyfriend. But any nickname doesn’t suit everyone. So, while choosing a nickname you need to consider few things like his personality and the likeness. Plus, the boys don’t like being called by a nickname in Public. That is why it’s good to use such nicknames only in your private conversations and chats.

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Romantic Nicknames for Boyfriends in Nepali | Best Nepali Nicknames for Husbands

Most of the nicknames in the list are best suited for both boyfriends and husbands. However, there are a few which are best suited for the husbands but not the boyfriends. So, go through the list thoroughly and choose the best one wisely. Since Nicknames for boyfriends are as popular in English as in Nepali. So this list is not explicitly restricted to Nepali nicknames but also covers few popular English Nicknames for Boyfriends as well.

  1. Buda
  2. Baba
  3. Raja
  4. Baby
  5. Hubby
  6. Kale
  7. Kalu
  8. My Love
  9. Bhunte
  10. Jaan
  11. Janu
  12. Kanchhu
  13. Kanchha
  14. Darling
  15. Honey
  16. Sweetheart
  17. Prince
  18. Dear
  19. Angel
  20. Handsome
  21. Hajur
  22. Hero
  23. Pati Parmeshwor (best suited for husbands only)
  24. Daurey
  25. Motey
  26. Fuchey
  27. Sehensaa
  28. RajKumar
  29. Mutu
  30. Mero Raja
  31. Mutu ko Tukra
  32. Mero Dhadkan
  33. Keta
  34. Honey Bunny
  35. Batman
  36. SuperMan
  37. IronMan
  38. My Man
  39. Loverboy
  40. Boss
  41. (firstname) Sir
  42. Champ
  43. Major
  44. Chief
  45. Master
  46. Soltaa
  47. Mero Jindagi
  48. General
  49. Captain (Cap)
  50. Hottie
  51. Rockstar
  52. Sexy
  53. Sugar
  54. Tough Guy
  55. Tiger
  56. Romeo
  57. Mero Sansaar
  58. Hot Chocolate
  59. Soulmate
  60. Dashing
  61. King
  62. Mister
  63. Mr. Handsome
  64. Mr. Cool
  65. Bad Boy
  66. Nerdy
  67. Naughty (Boy)
  68. Papa
  69. Mr. Perfect
  70. Smiley
  71. My Sunshine

Still not finding the Best Nickname for your Boyfriend/Husband?

Well, the above list would go endlessly and still you wouldn’t find what you’re looking. Do you know why? It’s because you don’t wanna give your boyfriend a cliche nickname. By cliche, we mean, the common nickname. You’re searching for a unique one, one that matches him the best. Actually, there’s a better trick of getting such nickname. And, that is, don’t search on the internet but search in your relationship and your conversations. There must have been times that you’ve used a funny name out of nowhere and he must have laughed at it too. Yeah, that’s the one. So give your boyfriend a unique yet lovely name. Unleash the creator within you and you’ll get such nickname in a heartbeat. Best of Luck and Cheers. May your relationship last forever and beyond.

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