10 Amazing Facts About Martyrs of Nepal | Nepali Martyr Facts

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Yes, We’ve heard a lot about great Martyrs of Nepal but there are few facts that are mindboggling about them. So, on the occasion of Nepali Martyrs Day, we’ve listed 10 amazing facts about martyrs of Nepal. But, if you are after a detailed information on Martyrs of Nepal then you should rather check Martyrs of Nepal | National Martyrs Day | Sahid Diwas.

10 Facts About Nepali Martyrs

Fact No. 1: “Lakhan Thapa is regarded as the first Martyr of Nepal”

Fact No. 2: “In 1940 July 26, the Ranas published a message in National daily, Gorkhapatra. The message stated that anyone revealing about Nepal Praja Parishad, its members and whereabouts will be awarded NRs. 5000. Then Ramji Joshi revealed all the secrets to Ranas which led to arrest of active members of the organization.”

Fact No. 3: “The Ranas didn’t execute Tanka Prasad Acharya, the founder of Nepal Praja Parishad because he was a Brahmin”

Fact No. 4. “Tanka Prasad Acharya was the first Living Martyr of Nepal.”

Fact No. 4: “Tanka Prasad Acharya brought the first Printing Machine in Nepal to print leaflets against Rana Regime”

Fact No. 5: “Among 4 Great Martyrs of Nepal, 3 did their schooling from India. Only Gangalal Shrestha did his schooling in Nepal.”

Fact No. 6: “Gangalal Shrestha was only 22 years at the time of his execution and was the youngest of 4 Great Martyrs of Nepal.”

Fact No. 7: “Gangalal Shrestha disguised himself as a monk and lived in a temple near Swayambhunath but was still caught by the Ranas.”

Fact No. 8: “Ranas gave an offer to get freed by begging for pardon to all 4 Great Martyrs of Nepal but all of them refused and chose death over pardon.”

Fact No. 9: “Shukraraj Sashtri was married to the sister of DharmaBhakta Mathema”

Fact No. 10: “Dashrath Chand was about to marry a girl from Rana Family. But, he and the procession had to return from the bride’s house twice without getting married because someone close to the family had deceased. Hence, he died unmarried.”