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Culture is part of our life. And culture is reflected in different forms such as our way of living, festivals, rituals. Lok Dohari is an expression in the form of songs with two parties; usually two groups. The name itself Lok means typical traditional and Dohari means 2-way singing. When actually the trend of singing started is unknown but from very ancient the story of Gods was told in the form of folk tales and songs. As the civilization grew, society developed, art developed, gradually music also developed. Lok Dohari is an ancient form of singing in Nepal. The music industry is changing with the introduction of new trends but still, the folk music such as Lok Dohari is appreciated by a huge number of listeners.

Nepali Lok Dohori is one of the most popular music genres. It resides in heart of Nepali music Industry. Dohori is always performed by two groups of people mostly Boys VS Girls as the word Dohori, itself-synonyms to word Debate. It starts with Boys team asking some question and Girls team replying them followed by some Lok Bhakas. Dohori becomes more entertaining as it progresses and it may last up to days till one of the team gives up or they end it in mutual understanding.

In different cultures, Dohori is also played as a cultural competition in which losing team has to accept the challenge presented by winning team.

In recent times one of the most popular programs related to Lok Dohori is Image Rodhi Ghar
It is broadcasted in Image Channel (Television Channel). In this program, many re-known artists collaborate together to create an exciting Dohori program. You can Follow Image Rodhi Ghar on Youtube to watch all their videos.

Here we have collected more the 25 Nepali Lok Dohori Bhakas that are loved by every Nepalese.

Best Nepali Lok Dohori | Best Nepali Lok Geet

1. Paan ko Paat | पानको पात

2. Katar Katar Ma | कटर कटर मा

3. Majhi Dai Pokhar Few Taal Ko | माझी दाई पोखरा फेवा ताल को

4. Aaha Kalilo Tamalai | आहा कालीलो तामा लाई

5. Jhamke Fuli Naakai Ma Bulaki | झाम्के फुली नाकै मा बुलाकी

6. Kati Baschaau Maitikai Kausi Ma | कती बस्छौ माइती कै कौशी मा

7. Kafafal Gedi Kutukai | काफल गेडी कुटुकै

8. Daila Muni Jaau | दैला मुनी जौ

9. Laalu Paate Nugyo Bhui Tira | लालु पाते नुज्ञो भुइ तिर

10. Jhim Jhim Sanu Najhimkau Pareli | झिम झिम सानु नझिम्काउ परेली

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