Nepali Fruits English Names

Fruits are one for all. They are full of vitamins, minerals and all the essential nutrition that are required for our body. Not to forget they are easy to eat, can be consumed in the form of salads, juice, smoothie, snacks, ice creams, desert and some can be preserved to eat later as pickles and even dried fruits. Have you ever wondered about fruits found in your hometown and their English names? We have prepared a list of Nepali fruits with English name so that you can search about its and be aware about its nutritional values and make plans accordingly for including them in your diet. We hope this list is helpful for you. Don’t forget to comment the fruits we have missed or new fruits found in your native village. We will try to find its English names for you.

Nepali Fruits English Names

Angoor – Grape

Anjir – Fig

Aru – Peach

Bayar – Indian Plum, Chinese Date

Bel – Wood Apple

Bhogate -Pummelo, Pomilo

Bhuin Katahar – Pineapple

Bimiro – Citron

Chaaksi – Mild Orange

Chutro – Barberry

Chinia Naspaati – Chinese Pear

Daakh – Grape

Kaagati – Lime – (green)

Daarim – Pomegranate

Haade Bayer – Bead Plum

Haade Okhar – Thick-shell black walnut

Haluaabed – Persimmon

Jaamun – Black Plum, Java Plum

Junaar – Junar Orange

Jyaamir – Lemon (very sour)

Kaathe Jyamir – Rough Lemon – (Citrus jambhiri)

Kaalo Jyamir – Rough Lemon (Chook-amilo Lemon)

Kaaphal -Bay-Berry

Kera – Banana

Khajoor – Date

Kharbooza – Musk Melon

Khurpaani – Apricot

Kimbu – Mulberry (black, red)

Bel – Wood Apple

Lapsi -Nepalese Hog Plum

Lichi – Lichee Fruit

Loquat –Loquats

Maushambi – Orange (sweet)

Mayal – Wild Pear

Muntalaa – Kumquat

Nariwal – Coconut

Nashpaati – Pear

Nibua – Lemon (yellow)

Paiyun – Cherry

Papitaa or Mewaa – Papaya

Ram Phal – Custard Apple

Rukh Katahar – Jack Fruit

Sati Bayar – Pleasantly sour-sweet fruit (Nepal sumac)

Sariphaa – Custard Apple or Sugar Apple

Shayau – Apple

Suntalaa – Tangerine

Tarbooza – Watermelon

Khiniya (Khanyu) – ?  Wild fig?

Jyamir – ?

Katus – ? (chinquapin or chestnut)

Tiju – ? (tastes like Haluwabed – small green bitter berries)