Best Nepali Comedy TV Serials | Top 3

Just like the Nepali Movies, Nepali TV serials have got mentionable upgrades as well. But, many of the Nepalese still prefer Hindi Family Drama over Nepali ones. However, when it comes to comedy telefilms, Nepali TV Serials still occupy the top charts. From a thorough research, ListNepal team has found that ever since the contents have been made available on YouTube, Nepali Comedy TV Serials are getting the love they deserve. Unlike in the past, now you can enjoy your favourite Nepali comedy telefilm anywhere and anytime at your convenience, provided that you’ve got an internet access. So, in this post, we are listing the top 3 Best Nepali Comedy TV Serials based on popularity and preferences.

Top 3 Nepali Comedy Telefilms

1. Bhadragol

Bhadragol is one of the most viewed Nepali Telefilms both on TV and the Internet. It’s a situation comedy “sitcom” just like the other two mentioned below. It has 5 main characters and they are Arjun Ghimire (Pandey), Kumar Kattel (Jigri), Rakshya Shrestha (Rakshya), Hari Niraula (Cockroach/Sangalo) and Sagar Lamsal (Baley). This drama airs on Nepal Television at 8.45PM every Friday. This Nepali Comedy telefilm made its debut on Oct. 2, 2013. The show has over 150 episodes as of January 2018.

Bhadragol is popular among people of different age groups. There are different reasons for this show to get on top. The key reason is, 5 dominant characters are all unique and equally entertaining. So the show feels equally engaging, no matter which character gets the highest screentime. It’s hard to describe such show in words. That is why we’ve embedded an episode of the show that has over 1million views on YouTube:

2. Meri Bassai

Meri Bassai is another comedy Nepali Telefilm made on the genre of sitcom-drama. Originally, this Nepali TeleSerial starred Dhurmus and Suntali as the main character. Recently, Raju Master (Raju Poudel) and Balchhi Dhurbe (Marichman Shrestha) are its main characters. The drama portrays typical Nepali Village Lifestyle. This decade-old comedy show is both entertaining and educational. The first episode of the show aired on Nepal Television in 2006. Currently, you may watch the show on Nepal Television every Tuesday at 8:45 PM. And, the episode gets published on YouTube on the official channel of Media Hub at 9:15 PM the same day. This funny Nepali TeleFilm has over 530 episodes as of January 2018.

A few years back, Meri Bassai was as popular as Bhadragol today, if not more. But recently, the show has lost its charm. That may be because the casts who used to be main characters keep disappearing from the show. Yes, I’m talking about Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel), Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire) and Magne Budo (Kedar Ghimire). Honestly, they were the true reason behind the show’s popularity and hit. Watch any of the latest episodes of the show and you’ll feel it yourself. That said, the characters that are still keeping the show alive are talented and funny too. But without Magne Budo (Kedar¬†Ghimire), who has officially left the show, this sitcom feels half dead already. Plus, Dhurmus isn’t just a character but the man behind 24 roles in the show. So, if he disappears in just an episode, the audience will be missing a lot of and about the show.

To give you an overview of what the show is like, here’s one of its most popular episodes that has over 1.4Million Views on YouTube:

3. Jire Khursani

Among the 3 Nepali Comedy Telefilms in the list, Jire Khursani is the oldest. This sitcom drama made its first appearance in 2003 in Nepal Television. However, the series stopped its continuous broadcast in 2015 and made a comeback in September 2017. The casts in the show kept changing every now and then. There are very few faces that have been in the show from the very beginning. Mundre (Jitu Nepal) and Thuli (Sabita Gurung) are the ones to make the most appearance throughout. Jitu Nepal who is the writer and director of the show is the main character of the show. For the audience watching the show from the very beginning, it’s usual to miss ShivaHari Paudel (Asina Prasad) and Kiran KC (Mama). They played a vital role in making the show viral by their signature sayings like “Puwakka Mukhaa Hannu Jasto” and “A Rata Makkai“.

Despite the downfall, Jire Khursani is making a remarkable comeback as the show is trying its best to sketch the current social problems faced by Nepalese with a comic flavour. If you are willing to watch Jire Khursani, here’s the latest episode (Ep. 536) as of today (Jan. 20, 2018):

These were the top 3 Nepali Comedy Telefilms. Do you agree with the listing? Or if you have a say regards any of the shows listed have, please feel free to write a comment down below.

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