Nepalese food

List Of Nepalese Food | Traditional Dishes Of Nepal

Nepalese Food

Nepal, being a multi-ethnic country, each dishes available here reflects the variety of its culture and traditions. Every ethnic group in Nepal has its own set of food that they prefer to have, however, Daal Bhaat is eaten throughout the country. To have a glimpse of the Nepalese food you can have a look at a picture below which have 84 different types of dishes in a single meal, also known as 84 Byanjan Nepali Set.

84 Byanjan Nepali Set

Typical Nepali Dishes | Nepalese Foods

1. Daal Bhaat

Daal Bhaat is a traditional Nepali meal which contains a steamed rice or boiled rice (Bhaat) and a cooked lentil soup (Daal). Usually, daal bhaat is served with other seasonal vegetables too which is called tarkari in Nepali. Along with vegetables, sometimes a small portion of pickle also can be found.


2. MO: MO

Mo: Mo is one of the most popular fast food in Nepal. Every corner of the street in Nepal, a Mo: Mo center can be found. Mo: Mo looks like a dumpling but a smaller in size, which is filled with veg and non-veg items. Momo was a popular cuisine among Newars communities of Nepal but now it is being enjoyed by other communities too.

3. Dhindo

Dhido is one of the traditional food of Nepal. Dhido is made by bringing hot water in a pan to boil and adding flour while continuously stirring the mix. At higher elevations in Nepal, above 6,500 feet, where rice does not grow well, Dhido is prepared there with the grain such as maize, buckwheat, barley, millet.

4. Aalu-Tama

This dish can be found in Nepali/Newari Cusine. If you are attending a Newari fest, this dish will always be there. Aalu Tama basically is a traditional Nepali soup prepared with potatoes, bamboo shoots, and black-eyed beans. Aalu-Tama is well-loved food, cooked almost in every part of Nepal.

5. Sel Roti


Sel Roti is a famous Nepal sweet and homemade bread which looks like a ring. This dish is mostly prepared during Dashain and Tihar festival in Nepal.


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