Car Driving Schools in Lalitpur | Motorcycle Driving Institutes in Lalitpur

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Though the transportation system in Nepal is getting improvements every day, we’re still far from reliable, fast and convenient Public Transport facility in Nepal. That is why private vehicles are still a must to many Nepalese. So, if you want a cheap, hassle-free and fastest commute in the city, get yourself a vehicle. But, vehicles aren’t something you buy today and get it on road the next day. To drive your own vehicle, you first must know how to drive and second, you must have a driving licence. So, to get the driving skills you need and to have an idea over how to pass driving trials in Nepal, you either need a good instructor that could be one of your friends or family. Or, you could join a driving school or institute that claims to give you what it takes to become a good driver.

And, this post is all about the registered Car Driving Schools in Lalitpur, Nepal that claim a 100% guarantee on you getting your first driving licence. So, choose the one that’s near you and has the best course at the affordable pricing.

Car Driving Training Centers in Lalitpur, Nepal | Motorcycle Driving Schools with a “100% licence guarantee”

Two-wheeler/Four-Wheeler Motor Driving Institute in Ekantakuna

A to Z Vehicle Free Test Center

Location: Ekantakuna, Lalitpur

Phone: 9803566458

Bangalamukhi Driving Training Center

Location: Ekantakuna

Phone: 01-5001033/9808554093

Suzuki Driving School Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Near Yatayat Karyalaye, Ekantakuna, Lalitpur

Phone: 01-5193374

Best Scooter Driving School in Jawalakhel, Laltipur

Annapurna Motor Driving Institute

Location: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Phone: 9851129626

Four Yes Motor Driving Institute

Location: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Phone: 01 – 5547988 / 9851047986

Top Driving Schools in Satdobato, Lalitpur

Jay Shree Krishna Motor Driving Center

Location: Satdobato, Lalitpur

Phone: 01-5540128

Nawa Kantipur Driving Training Center

Location: Satdobato (way to Lagankhel)

Phone: 01-5523163

Safe Road Driving School

Location: Nakhipot, Bishal Chowk, Lalitpur

Phone: 9863652052

Mama Bhanja Motor Driving Center

Location: Satdobato, Lalitpur

Phone: 9841239245

Cheap Driving Schools in Lalitpur

Ability Driving School

Location: Near UN Park, Kupondole, Lalitpur

Phone: 01-5011806

Professional Motor Driving Institute

Location: Patan

Phone: 01-5547334

Sewa Driving Center Lalitpur

Location: Dhobighat, Sanepa 

Phone: 01-4375539

Makchun Driving School

Location: Baghdol, Lalitpur

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

Prasidhdhi Shanti Motor Driving Training Center

Location: Sidhipur, Lalitpur (Sanagaun)

Phone: 9849085204

Dhola Mandali Driving Center

Location: Imadol, Krishna Mandir, Lalitpur

Phone: 9841355273

New Manakamana Motor Driving Training Center

Location: Talchhikhel, Lalitpur

Phone: 9841806862

Fulashi Driving Training Center Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Kupondole, Lalitpur

Phone: 9851006471

Manakamana Driving Institute

Location: Damkal, Pulchowk

Phone: 9841401682 / 015529837

Likhu Driving Institute

Location: Gwarko, Lalitpur

Phone: 9849839847

Tridev Driving Institute

Location: Kusunti, Lalitpur


So, this was the list of some reputed driving schools in Lalitpur. We didn’t enlist the pricing of the courses by any of the driving schools because they keep changing every so often. But, to our readers, we’d like to share some of our experience regarding the course fees. Actually, the fees are negotiable in almost all of the driving school. So, it is up to you how much you can bargain. So, Best of Luck and may you get your first driving licence very soon.