List Of Montessori Schools In Lalitpur | Preschools in Lalitpur

Children’s mind is so malleable, their first learning experience very much effects emotional, social and physical development. Children begin to learn from very early age, What and how they learn is very much affected by surrounding them. That is why investing in proper daycare or preschool is very much important to shape their future. Here is the list of Montessori schools in Lalitpur.

List Of Montessori Schools In Lalitpur | Preschools in Lalitpur

Kidzee Preschool Sanepa

Location: Sanepa – 02 Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact : 01-5532503

Maria Montessori house

Location: lalitpur sanepa Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 01-5529082

MAA Kids’

Location: Sanepa-2 Lalitpur, Nepal


Kids Care

Location: Jhamsikhel Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 984-1421247

EuroKids Dhobighat

Location: Dhobighat Lalitpur, Nepal 44700

Contact: +977-1-5522807/5525459

Sevenflags Nepal

Location: Lalitpur

Contact: 986-6954973

Alphabet Pre-School & Kindergarten

Location: Bodhigram Tole-17,Satdobato Lalitpur, Nepal 00977

Contact: 01-5201443

Morning Star Pre-school and Child Care Center

Contact: 984-1751043

Kidoz Pre-School

Location: Thasikhel, Ranibu, Kusunti-13 Lalitpur, Nepal 44700

Contact: 01-5121550

Montessori International Pre-School

Contact: 01-5571113

Lavender preschool

Location: Dhobighat,Lalitpur Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 980-8482088

Daisy Preschool and Child Care

Location: Kusunti Lalitpur, Nepal +977

Contact: 01-5535263

Wanem’s Montessori Pre-School


Contact: 01-5203792

Mero School

Location: Mahalaxmisthan Lalitpur, Nepal 0000

SP Childcare

Location: Sanepa, Patan 44600 Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 980-1103330

Yashuma Montessori Pre-School

Location: Tutepani near Bishal Chowk Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 01-5533069

Sincere Pre-School & Child Care Center

Location: kumaripati-5 Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 01-5008694

Sunny Bunny Montessori

Location: Kannihabal-6,Lagankhel Lalitpur, Nepal 44700

Contact: 984-1328596

Montessori Kid’s Wonderland

Location: Jawalakhel Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 5540659/ 9841520170

Kids Castle Montessori

Location: Khumaltar Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 984-1044087

Siddhartha Shishu Pre-School

Location: Swarnim colony, Gwarko Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 984-9595070

Montessori Phoolbari

Location: Dhobighat Lalitpur, Nepal 353

Contact: 01-5528628

Balsansar Montessori Day Care and Pre-School

Location: Dhapakhel-23, Lalitpur Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact: 984-1300502

Island For Kids Montessori and Day Care Center

Location: Imadol, Lalitpur

Contact: 986-0213456

Morning Star Day Care & Pre-primary School

Location: Nakkhu, Lalitpur

Kids Grace Home Montessori School

Location: Lalitpur-14, Savyatanagar

Contact: 01-5193122

Montessori International Pre-school

Location: Tikabhairab Sadak, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5193122

Star Public Montessori School

Location: Imadol marga, Mahalaxmi

Contact: 01-5201697

Crescent Kids Zone

Location: Godawari

Contact: 01-5174168

Bridge View Montessori

Location: Godawari

Contact: 986-0372196

Little Blessing

Location: Taukhel, Lalitpur

Shuvam Montessori

Location: Badegoun

Nava Kectiz Montessori

Location: Dhapakhel

Contact: 985-1211283

Blue Bird Montessori

Location: Thaiba, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5014687

Prerana Montessori

Location: Harisiddhi, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5250735

Navodeep Montessori

Location: Dhapakhel, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5275109

Green House Montessori School

Location: Chapagaun, Godawari

Contact: 984-1883952

Baal Sansar Montessori

Location: Thecho, Lalitpur

Contact: 985-1211283

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Montessori
Location: Imadol, Lalitpur
Contact: 984-0051255

springbells Montessori Day Care

Location: Mahalaxmisthan Road, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5541022

Childent Talent Montessori School

Location: Prayagpokhari, Lalitpur

Contact: 980-3166430

Shaping Minds Montessori House

Location: Nakhipot, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5230011

Dikshanta Pathsala

Location: Nakhipot, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5151671

Milestone Preschool

Location: Bhaisipati,Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5592006

Disneyland Montessori House

Location: Satdobato, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5543248

Little scholars kindergarten & day care

Location: Lagankhel, Satdobato


Baby Care Center

Location: Lagankhel

Contact: 984-9715599

New Sunny Bunny Montessori

Location: Kanibahal, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5524948

Peace Point Montessori Academy

Location:  Imadol, Krishna Mandir

Contact: 01-5201915

Bright Fortune Montessori School and Day Care

Location: Karyabinayak, Lalitpur

Contact: 984-5376191


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