Martyrs of Nepal | National Martyrs Day | Sahid Diwas

Martyrs Day, popularly known as Sahid Diwas (in Nepal), is an annual public national holiday that is celebrated on 16th of Magh, every year. If you’re not a Nepali, don’t get confused by this date. The date mentioned is from Nepali Calander and falls somewhere in late January or early February. On this day, the Nepal Government organizes official programs to remember and honor the great Martyrs of Nepal who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country and its citizens. Every Year, Nepal’s President and Prime Minister along with other ministers attend such programs. On this day, the country and the countrymen pay tribute to all the martyrs of Nepal. Especially, the day has been marked as the day dedicated to four Great Martyrs of Nepal who were mercilessly killed by Ranas for fighting against the Rana Regime (1846 AD – 1951 AD). A detailed information about those four Martyrs of Nepal follows the next.

Moreover, Nepalese dedicate a whole week to honoring the Martyrs organizing different events from Magh 10 to Magh 16 every year. Hence, the week is titled as “Martyrs Week”.

Great Martyrs of Nepal | Nepali Bir Sahid

Lakhan Thapa:

Lakhan Thapa, born in 1835 AD, is the first Martyr of Nepal. He was mercilessly killed by hanging in a tree near Manakamana Temple, Gorkha, his hometown, in 1877. He rebelled against the Jung Bahadur Rana and fought demanding for a free state with an end to the Rana Regime.

ShukraRaj Shashtri (Joshi)

Shukra Raj Joshi

Source: Wikipedia

Birthdate: 1950 BS (1894AD)

Birth Place: Vanarasi, India

Father: Madhav Raj Joshi

Mother: Ratna Maya Joshi

Education: Schooling from India; Earned a Shashtri degree on Sanskrit from Dehradun.

Imprisonment: Six Years

Execution: sentenced to death (hung on a tree)

Place of Execution: Pachali, Teku, Kathmandu

Executed On: Magh 10, 1997 B.S. (Midnight)


  • Publicly spoke against Rana Regime demanding people’s right during a demonstration at Indra Chowk
  • Published different Books, Nepal Bhasa Vyakaran being the first
  • a pioneer in publishing children’s literature
  • met Mahatma Gandhi
  • worked with Indian Social Reformer (Madan Mohan Malabiya)
  • wasn’t a member of Nepal Praja Parishad, unlike the other 3 Great Martyrs of Nepal
  • was an author of “Swarga ko Durbar (Palace of Heaven), Nepal ko Jhalak, Satya Kalpanam Nepali Barnamala and more.


  • a street in Kathmandu is named after him as “Shukra Path”
  • Postal service publishes a ticket with his image
  • Monuments at number of Places (including the one in Sahid Gate)

DhramaBhakta Mathema

photo of dharmabhakta mathema

Source: Wikipedia

Born on: 1965 B.S.

Birth Place: Ombahal, Kathmandu

Father: Adi Bhakta Mathema (Government Official in post of Subba)


Schooling from:  Sanatan Madhyamik Vidhyalaya in Darjeeling

Education: Intermediate in Arts (IA) from Scottish Church College, Calcutta

Married to: Uttaradevi

Arrested from: a secret meeting with members of Praja Parishad and the Late King Tribhuvan in Lainchaur

Execution: sentenced to death by hanging

Execution on: Magh 12, 1997 BS (near Midnight)

Execution Place: Shifal, Kathmandu


  • one of the founding members of Nepal Praja Parishad (1993 BS)
  • appointed as Physical Instructor for the King Tribhuwan
  • Nepal’s First Professional Body Builder
  • had won a Body Building competition earning the title of “Bengal Champion”
  • opened a gym at his own house that was popular among the Ranas


  • his statue is in the Martyrs’ Gate Memorial, Kathmandu
  • a school has been named after him as “Sahid DharmaBhakta School” in Nakhu, Lalitpur

Dashrath Chand

photo of dasrath chand

source: wikipedia

Birthdate: Ashad, 1960 B.S.

Birth Place: Baskot, Baitadi, Nepal

Father: Sher Bahadur Deuba (Chand)


Schooling From: Different places of Uttarakhand, India like Almora, Nainital, etc.

Education: Intermediate Level from Banaras, India

Arrested for: being an active member of Nepal Praja Parishad

Execution: Shot Dead

Executed on: Magh 15, 1997

Place of Execution: Shobha Bhagwati, Kathmandu


  • actively participated in Freedom Movement of India
  • published Journal articles against Ranas in Janata (Indian Magazine) with a pseudonym of Sewa Singh
  • met Tanka Prasad in 1990 BS in an event and being inspired by him starting rebelling against the Rana Regime
  • was an active member of Nepal Praja Parishad who designed, published and distributed pamphlets explaining the impacts of Rana Rule in Nepal


  • his statue has been erected in Shova Bhagwati at the place of his execution

Ganga Lal Shrestha

photo of gangalal shrestha

source: Wikipedia

Birthdate: 1975 B.S.

Birth Place: Bhangeri, Ramechhap

Father: Bhaktalal Shrestha

Mother: Mohani Kumari Shrestha

Schooling From: Durbar High School, Kathmandu

Education: Intermediate in Science from Tri-Chandra College, Kathmandu

Arrested: Twice (1995 and 1997, Kartik 2) while running campaigns against Ranas in which he distributed pamphlets against the Rana rule in Nepal

Execution: Shot Dead

Executed on: Magh 15, 1997

Place of Execution: Shobha Bhagwati, Kathmandu


  • was an intelligent student and passed Matriculation Exam with First Division
  • was born in a well-to-do family but rather decided to revolt against the cruel Rana Regime
  • showed a keen interest in Plays and Theatres
  • organized several seminars against the Ranas in Asan and Indra chowk in the year 1995 and was arrested for doing so.
  • was later released at the request of Padma Shamser and Kazi Narayan Bhakta
  • after the release, he got connected with the Nepal Praja Parishad and continued rebelling against the autocracy of the Ranas


  • remembered as one of the four Martyrs of Nepal who sacrificed their lives to bring down the Rana Regime
  • his monument is installed at Sahid gate along with other three Martyrs and the Late King Tribhuwan
  • his statue is erected at the place of his execution
  • a road in Kathmandu has been named after him as “Ganga Path”
  • A national heart center in Kathmandu has been named after him as “Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center”