Liquor Price In Nepal | Wine, Whiskey, Beer Price In Nepal

Here is the complete list liquor Price in Nepal. This list consists of alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, rums, tequilas, whiskey, vodkas, scotches, spirits along with some national and international Brands that are available in Nepal.

Liquor Price In Nepal | Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Price In Nepal

Beer Price In Nepal

Tuborg Beer Price in Nepal

Tuborg Bottle Gold 650ML: Rs. 295

Tuborg Can Gold 500ML: Rs. 220

Tuborg Classic Premium Strong 650ML: Rs. 310

Arna Beer Price In Nepal

Arna Extra Strong Can 500ML: Rs. 175

Arna Extra Strong Bottle 650ML: Rs. 210

Arna Premium Bottle 650ML: Rs 260

Arna Light Can 500ML: Rs 220

Arna Light 650ML: 295

Carlsberg Beer Price In Nepal

Carlsberg Bottle 650ML: Rs 320

Carlsberg Can 500ML: Rs 230

Gorkha Beer Price In Nepal

Gorkha Bottle 650ML: Rs 275

Gorkha Strong Bottle 650ML: Rs 210

Gorkha Strong Can 500ML: Rs 165

Nepal Ice Price In Nepal

Nepal Ice Natura Bottle 650ML: Rs 275

Nepal Ice Natura Can 500ML: Rs 185

Nepal Ice Strong Bottle 650ML: Rs 220

Nepal Ice Strong Can 500ML: Rs 185

Vodka Price In Nepal

Eristoff 750ML: Rs. 1300

Ruslan Vodka 750ML: Rs. 1300

White Mischief 750ML: Rs. 1150

Excellence 750ML: Rs. 1200

Rum Price In Nepal

Khukri XXX Rum 750ML: Rs 1300

Khukri Coronation 375ML: Rs 1600

Whiskey Price In Nepal

Royal Stag 750ML: Rs 1100

Antiquity Blue 750ML: Rs 1700