Kite Flying In Nepal |13 Reasons Why We fly Kites In Dashain

Changa” (Kite ) means free, as the name implies it has vigorous power to take your body and heart away to a new level. Kites are simply light weighted very thin object that uses paper or plastic and balance technique. Kite is a piece of craft that has a tether with wings which react against air to create lift and drag mechanism, which helps to fly high in the sky. People Love Kite Flying In Nepal during Dashain.

Some Terms Used In Nepal While Flying Kite:

“Changa” is the kite.

“Lattai” wooden made object to fit hand for rolling the threads.

Majha” are added put on threads to make them sharper.

Kakka” is the preliminary for flying kite and the basic if you want to make your kite fly.

Sometimes “Gwakh” and “Puchhar are added to maneuver Changa.

Chait” (shouted in loud voice) when a flying kite is cut by another with excitement.

Flying a kite is also an art that requires skills and understanding of air pressure and flying framework. Getting along with the mechanisms of flying kite gives you the thrill of flying and the kite will definitely take you to a different place where you have never been to. Even though it is not an adventure game is sure to give you the thrill. When the kite is out in the wind the lift helps to keep the kite flying by creating low pressure and high pressure below the wings. The air around helps to create horizontal drag. If the kite is about to fall, rolling the threads will set the kite in the right direction and the kite flyer should know when to leave the threads and when to roll to fly high.  Kites use the material such as silk fabric, light paper, and resilient bamboo for creating a flying mechanism. Kites have varies uses throughout the history. Nowadays, kites are flown basically for entertainment and competition as a fun game which basically was a form of art and flown for practical reasons such as exploration, measuring distance, testing wind direction for the weather forecast, locating enemies, sending the message for rescue and even the development of aircraft in early days. Kites are believed to be invented in China in the 5th century B.C according to ancient stories.

Tales of Kite Flying in Nepal

Myth 1: In the past peoples of Kathmandu valley were usually working in the field and at times when they didn’t have anything to do they would fly kites in the field. Their behavior caused trouble to birds, birds suffered problems of entanglement with threads and multiple cuts to newly flying birds. The extent of accidents kept increasing so the birds decided to meet the King with a request to solve their life-threatening problem. The people, the king, and the birds had a long meeting and they concluded with a mutual agreement to fly kites only one time during the year. The time to fly kite will not be Summer, Winter or Spring but it would be the time after the Monsoon; when the weather will be mild and perfect with a swift breeze to fly kites i.e. during the Dashain-Tihar festival.

Myth 2: Dashain was celebrated during the month of Chaitra (March-April) but the farmers were too busy during Chaitra. So, it was decided to celebrate the festival after the rainy season when the farmers would be free then onwards.

13 reasons why we fly kites during Dashain in Nepal

1. Message to God of Rain (Indra)

It is believed that flying kite sends the message to Indra, the God of rain to stop the rain as the farming season is over and heavy rain is not good for harvesting crops.

2. Connection with ancestors

There is also a strong belief that we can contact our long gone ancestor through kites and give the message that we are safe and we are missing them.

3. Sending Wishes

To exchange Dashain wishes kites are highly used.  The message of friendship and well wishes are shared through the colorful kites during the delightful time of the year.

4. Spiritual Belief

Kites are believed to have incorporated the power to connect the earth to heaven. The high flown kite’s threads is a pathway to heaven for recently dead animals and people.

5. Connection with nature

Kite flying frees our mind from any kind of stress and thus making us enjoy the beauty of nature. It also makes us realize the freedom we have with the help of the limitless sky. We are sure to get lured by the nature’s beauty and its wideness. Our mind and body are highly benefitted by spending time with nature.

6. Factor for Socializing

Flying kite is usually a group activity which is for every individual of any age and not just kite flyers or catcher but those who are watching are also found enjoying. It is an outdoor activity which can be used to create competition and have fun. People can easily connect with the help of such a joyful gathering.

7. Kite and its’ Charm

Kite is the work of art and science. So, is flying a kite. Seeing a flying kite gives peace to our mind can revive the inner self within us. It can flit our soul high in the sky. The colors of the kites and the message it sends is quite charming to any one of us.

8. Prosperity to family

There are mythical belief that flying kites brings good luck and good fortune to the family. Flying kites means welcoming forces of piety and luck. Many evidence shows that social connections are crucial for individual health, well-being and family member’s prosperity.

9. Symbolic indication

The season is a mild indicating end of rainy prior to winter when the days start getting shorter with long nights. The temperature is perfectly favorable. The kites indicate the festive mood and symbolize the colorful mind and happy soul.

10. Sports and Recreation

Kites are flown as both sport and recreation. It is usually flown during Dashain or other festivals to have fun. And competition is held to add excitement to kite flying.

11. Generate Multiple Abilities

Flying kites are found to decrease anxiety and depression. Even watching a kite fly across can reduce our stress causing us to forget the pain.

12. Continuation of Tradition

Flying kites are fun and also importantly a part of our festive tradition which we ought to protect and continue it. Mainly kites are flown mainly during Dashain and also Makar Sankranti, Tihar and other festivals of celebration in different parts of Nepal.

13. Why do you fly a Kite? Write to us in the comment section below.

Safety issues

We hear a lot about accidents taking place due to careless playing and some accidental misfortunes even in this delightful time. Major results may be:

  • Primarily the grounds where you are flying may create multiple accidents if you are flying form heights.
  • Entanglement of kite thread with electric power lines can create multiple issues such as electrocuting
  • There is a possibility that very high flown kites can create infringement with airspace traffic
  • Risk of cutting fingers with the thread.

So, please avoid these situations and be safe and keep the people around you safe while enjoying.

Safety Measures

  • Be aware and make everyone aware of the likely dangers and remind everyone that safety comes first. While enjoying and having fun don’t ever neglect safety issues.
  • Without proper supervision don’t allow children to fly kites Restrict children from flying kites from the terrace or heights.
  • Use flat and open ground areas for flying kites.
  • Use gloves to avoid cuts or burn in hands due to excessive kite flying

Consider all safety measures before playing. Let’s free our mind and have fun by flying kites and recreate our childhood memories. Let’s spread the message of friendship while giving continuation to our tradition.

Happy Dashain