Jump Rope Price in Nepal | Skipping Rope price in Nepal

Skipping ropes, once popular among kids is now the most essential for all health and fitness conscious people. The popularity has increased as we started acknowledging its benefits. It’s a lowprice high benefit fitness tool.

Online shopping website and its easy accessibility has made it even more popular.

Skipping rope price varies in its purpose, strength, quality and accordingly its price. We can get skipping ropes starting from Rs 70 to Rs 220 for the threaded ropes in local stationery. Thinner wire like rope material is better for swift skipping which costs Rs 200 to Rs 350 in local stores of Nepal. We can also find more expensive jump ropes in the market but we think it is just overkill to buy a expensive one.

Jump rope price in Nepal | Skipping rope price in Nepal

You could take reference if jump rope price as follows. But the difference might range about Rs.50-100 based on where you are buying from.

Skipping Ropes Price
Port Speed PVC Sleek pencil Skipping Rope (Pack Of 1) Rs. 199
Strauss Foam Jump Rope (Blue/Black) Rs. 280
Skipping Rope with Automatic Counter Rs. 199
Magnetic Sauna Vibration Belt Weight loss Fat lose slim 3 in1 Vibration Rs. 699
Fashion 7 Fitness Freak Skipping Rope Rs. 169
SVR Caliber Skipping Rope for Weight-loss Fitness Adjustable Jump Rope made in Transparent Solid Rope With Inside Steel Wire Rs. 399
Port black Blue Pvc Fitness Freak Skipping Rope Rs. 149
ashion 7 Premium Jump Speed Skipping Rope Rs. 239
Strauss Transy Jump Rope Rs. 249
Non-metered Skipping Rope – Set of 2 Rs. 599
skiping rope price nepal

Skkiping rope price in Nepal

jump rope price nepal

Jump rope price in Nepal

Why jump rope?

Jumping is to spring free from the ground or any other base by movement of your feet and legs. Jumping rope has been medically proved efficient in maintaining individuals healthy phisique and improving cardiovascular health. Jumping is often considered better for certain health diseases and is often recommended by doctors.

  • Gives you total body workout
  • Keeps you fresh and active
  • Enhances performance in any other sports
  • Easy to do workout even in smaller space
  • Good warm up excercise.
  • Good for removing certain types of kidney stones
  • Helps in strengthening your feets.
  • Helps burn more calories in short amount of time.
  • Low investment with high outcome.
  • Improves coordination
  • Suitable for all age group.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Gives you un-parallel total body workout.
  • Helps tone muscles in every part of your body.
  • Toning and defination of leg and arm muscles
  • Increases heart rate and promotes weight loss.
  • Increases your agility.

These are among the many many health benefits of jump rope. There upon jump rope is one of the best exercise for you cardio vascular and overall health.

We wish everyone a good health.