iPhone X Plus Price In Nepal | iPhone 2018 Price , Spec & Release in Nepal

There’s a long way to go till the new iPhones lunches, But the rumours about what’s coming are already popping on the internet. So, here we would like to break down whats coming in this years iPhones, along with specs, hardware details and rumoured iPhone X plus price in Nepal. The prices for Apple Phones in Nepal differs drastically from the international market. As there are no official Apple stores in Nepal it is hard to speculate fixed price of any iPhones in Nepal. But we could easily analyse what the price of old iPhone models stood in Nepal, which can tell us how much the new iPhones 2018’s will cost in Nepal.

iPhone X Plus Price In Nepal | iPhone 2018 price in Nepal

We expect the price for brand new iPhone X plus will be around 1,40,000 (1 Lakh 40 thousand) for a 64 GB Model.

Do you know why current iPhone X is being cancelled in 2018?  It is because they want to sell their new iPhones. As Apple releases new models the price of older models needs to be adjusted which means less profit on selling older models. So Apple is cancelling iPhone X which will set the price for new iPhone X to be same as older ones.

We could also say that 256 GB iPhone X Plus will cost about 20,000 more than 64GB models which set their price at about 1,60,000 (1 Lakh 60 thousand).

iPhone X plus Release Date in Nepal

The Offical release date is somewhere in September, but it will take some time for it to be available in Nepal. There will be No official release dates for iPhones in Nepal. Normally Apple iPhones are available for purchase in Nepal after about 1 month of international lunch.  But by paying a much higher price you could buy them in about first week of the official lunch. You could wander around in Tamrakar Complex, New Road, where you will find lots of seller with new iPhones within the first week of official lunch. But brace your self to hear the price of the phones as the will not be cheap.

Apple phones can be bought in “Evo store” or “Oliz Store” which are authorized Apple resellers in Nepal.

New iPhone Models for 2018, How Many?

Rumors suggest this year Apple may reveal 4 iPhone models. As per the leaked images suggest the possible iphone models are, Iphone 9,9 plus, Iphone SE, iphone X plus. Though the names for new iphone cannot be confirmed here are several possibilities.

  1. iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus (these will be the successor of current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus).
  2. iPhone Xs and Xs Plus
  3. iPhone X Plus (successor of current iPhone X as iPhone X will probably be cancelled in 2018)
  4. Simply Iphone and Iphone Plus
  5. iPhone SE and iPhone SE Plus

iPhone 2018, iPhone X Plus Specifications and Other Details

There are various models of iPhones suspected to be released this year. Here are some technical details regarding them.

Screen design: Same as current iPhone X

Screen Sizes : 

  • 5.7- to 5.8in
  • 6.0- to 6.1in
  • 6.0- to 6.1in
  • 6.4- to 6.5in

Screen resolution: (2436 x 1125) around 458ppi

Face ID : Yes

Touch ID : No

Body : Glass

Battery: 2850-2950 mAh , 3300-3400mAh


Cameras: Front-facing ‘TrueDepth’ 3D camera, Rear-facing 3D scanner (for AR)

Body: Glass Body

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