Interesting Facts Of Nepal

The country which is only 1,47,181 square kilometers in area and landlocked by two giant country, India and China but has never failed to amaze the rest of the world, this country is none other than beautiful Nepal. Nepal is a country of stunning beauty and diversity of culture like no other place on planet earth due to which it is deservedly called paradise on earth. Here are some of the interesting facts of Nepal which you might not knew before.

1. Non-rectangular flag.


Nepal is only country having non-rectangular flag. It is made up of two triangular pennants stacked on top of other. Color used are crimson red (color of national flower – Rhododendron)  with deep blue borders (Color of peace).

2. Cow is sacred here.

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In Nepal, cows are deeply respected and considered as sacred. It is also a national animal of Nepal, thus killing a cow is strictly prohibited in Nepal. In Nepal, during a celebration of national festival called Tihar there is a dedicated day for worshipping cow.

3. Has no independence day

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You must have heard name called Gurkhas – a world famous warriors from Nepal. Being protected from one of the most bravest and strongest soldiers, Nepal was never colonized and thus have not any independence day.

4. Birth place of Lord Buddha


It is a well known fact that the founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal. Gautama Buddha’s real name was Siddhartha Gautama. He birth took place in Lumbini (UNESCO world heritage site) of Nepal.

5. Mt.Everest.

Mt. Everest, also known as Sagarmatha in Nepali lies in Nepal. Official height of Everest is 8,848m which is the highest mountain that lies on Earth.

6. World Heritage Sites


7. Kumari – living Goddess

8. Amazon of Asia