How to Transfer Balance in NTC and Ncell

Here is the easiest way to transfer balance from ntc to ntc sim or from ncell to ncell sime card.

How to transfer Balance from ntc to ntc ?

To transfer balance from one ntc sim to another ntc sim you will need to have your security. Please scroll down  if you donot have your security code and want to know how to get it.

If you have your security code You need to dail *422*security code * Receiver phone number* Amount# in your phone dailer.

For example *422*12345678*9849463490*100#  (Dail this in the dailer) this will transfer Rs,100 to the provided number.

You can also use same process to transfer balance to NT CDMA phone number.

The transfer limit is Rs. 10 minimum and upto Rs.100 maximum. You can do up to 5 transactions per day.

How to Get the Security Code of NTC?

To get your ntc security code please open message box,  Type “scode” and send it to 1415.

After few seconds you will be alerted with your new security code for your ntc sim.

How to Transfer balance from Ncell to Ncell ?

Ncell users have to dial 17122 activate the service. This service will be activate free of cost.

To transfer balnce from ncell to nceel you need to dial *17122 * Receiver phone number*Amount# in your phone dailer.

The minimum amount you can transfer is Rs 10 and maximum amount is Rs 200.

Also Ncell will charge 1% service charge for using this feature.

Balance transfer is only available on prepaid sim cards.

Transfer balance from NTC to Ncell

Transfering balance from Ntc to ncell or ncell to ntc is not possible.

Transfer balance from Ntc to esewa

Transfering balance from ntc to esewa is not possible at the moment. But, you can recharge Ntc with esewa balance.

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