Holi Festival in Nepal | Fagu Purnima In Nepal

Holi is the festival of colours, water and victory over evil. This time of year after winter but before spring Holi adds delight to our life. This Festival Holi signifies closeness and good faith and destroying enmity and harshness. It falls on Falgun Sukla Purnima which is celebrated in the Himalayan region on the very day and the day after in Terai regions.

By now you must have heard the tales of Holi, if not here is it is in short. In ancient time “Hiranyakashyap” was blessed By Lord Brahma that he would be unhurt by man or animal, in a day or at night, inside or outside, in the ground or Above.This blessing made him feel he was the most powerful person on the land. So, He wanted to be worshipped as God and ordered everyone to pray him. Those who were afraid of him worshipped him, But his own son Phralad, who was a devotee of Lord Bishnu denied to worship him. Hence Hirnyakashyap tried to hurt Phralad in so many ways but Lord Bishnu saved him every time. At last, he decided to burn Prahlad by putting him on fire with his sister “Holika”(she who is blessed that even fire would not burn her) lap. This attempt also failed when Phrahad was not burned but Holika died despite her blessing as she misused it. finally, Hiryanakashyap was killed by Lion avatar of Lord Bishnu. From then onwards the festival of victory over evil was celebrated with huge delight calling it Holi. Holi is celebrated in Nepal along with other countries By people who follow hindu religion

In recent days Holi is being popular among foreigners too. Mostly in tourist areas like pokhara and Thamel we could find foreigners enjoying playing Holi.

Different events are organized on that day to celebrate it with extra delight. Many Events are organized around the popular city of Nepal. Mostly you could enjoy pool parties, concerts and fun Holi Programs.  Here are some fun Holi events organized around Kathmandu valley.

Despite all the goodness, there are some social problems related to Holi too. The behaviour of throwing Lola in plastic, throwing dirty water to others, misbehaving especially with girls, drinking alcohol, gambling etc are most common.  So lets all of us on our part, try to avoid such deeds.

Significance of Colours in Holi

  1. Red, Green, Blue are main colours used in Holi.
  2. Red Signifies love, Pureness, energy.
  3. Blue Signifies Freshness.
  4. Green signifies hope and brightness.
  5. White colour Symbolizes Peace, Help, Devotion and Unity.
  6. Yellow Color signifies happiness
  7. Pink means emotional and softness.
  8. Orange colour means strength and masterful.
  9. Purple signifies Art, Prestige and emotion.
  10. Black indicates seriousness, sadness, darkness, and ignorance. (Try not to use black, at least in Holi)

Happy Holi Wishes:

we could also send some lovely messages wishing our friends and families who are far from us. Here are some good Happy Holi messages.

Holi Songs

Here are some great Holi Songs:

Holi Special Foods | Holi Special Recipes

Food is a most, whether it is an occasion or a normal Day. When you are celebrating with your friends and family you would want to offer varieties specially made for Holi. Some of the Popular Items You can Prepare are:

  1. Gujiya ( is a sweet dumpling made with common flour, wheat flour  or Suji and stuffed with khoya.)
  2. Malpua (Made with common floor and fried with oil, normally small size roti)
  3. DalPuri (Similar to bread but stuffed with moisturized daal  and cooked as puri)
  4. Bhang laddu (Small size round sweets made from Bhang)
  5. Sharbat (Fresh Drinks made with lemon, sugar and water, or maybe Rasna found in the market.)
  6. Or cooking any food with your family members can be a great fun.

Dos and donts in Holi

  1. Apply Sun lotion before going out in sun or playing colours.
  2. While in outer events wearing sunglass can be good for eyes.
  3. Strictly not wear contact lens while playing colours.
  4. Put oils in your hair (Coconut)  before playing with colours.
  5. It’s better to wear full sleeve clothes.
  6. Do Non wear Shiny colours on the face as it contains harmful chemicals.
  7. Before Holi avoid Facials as it makes your skin Soft.
  8. Do not use hot water to cleanse as it makes your skin dry. Use lukewarm or cold water.
  9. Do not use dirty water at others.
  10. Do Not Drink and Drive.
  11. Do not force people who are not interested.
  12. People with colour allergies should only play with waters.
  13. Better play on grounds than Rooftop.
  14. Do not use Kerosene or petrol etc to remove colours, It is better to use Besan (Gram Flour, Ginger, Nauni Ghee)
  15. Do not use Kerosene or petrol etc to remove colours, It is better to use Besan (Gram Flour, Ginger, Nauni Ghee)

So this festival colours lets spread love and togetherness. Let’s try to save scarce water.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Holi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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