Private Girls Hostels in Kathmandu

Kathmandu has still been one of the best locations for Higher level Studies after SEE. That is no surprise since Kathmandu is the hub of most renowned colleges with best professors. However, all the colleges don’t have their own hostels for the students. That is why many students in the city are in the hunt for best hostels near the colleges. With a keen interest in making things easier for new students in the city, we’ve prepared a list of the well-facilitated Girls Hostels in Kathmandu. If you’re looking for your new hostel, going door-to-door will be troublesome. So, our advice is to contact the hostel asking for availability, price, and facilities. If it the deal sounds good on the phone, go visit or dial the next hostel in the list below. That way, you’ll be saving a lot of your time and energy.

Private Girls Hostels in Kathmandu

Well, if we list all the hostels in Kathmandu at once that will be a long list to scroll through. And, there’ll be more hostels with locations inconvenient for you. So, we’ve tried listing them as per the location. So, first make mind on which location will be convenient for you and then check the Hostels in Kathmandu list below:

Girls Hostels in Anamnagar

Girls Hostel in Anamnagar Phone Number Location Facility
Baba Girls Hostel 9851138734
Marigold Girls Hostel 9851047494
Cinderella Girls Hostel 01-4390903
Ekata Girls Hostel 9841403191
Pariwarik Girls Hostel 9823088776
Radiant Girls Hostel 9860059544
Victory Girls Hostel 9843797764
New Lumbini Suruchi Girls Hostel 9841319608

Hostels (only Girls) in Dillibazar


Girls Hostel in Dillibazaar Phone Number Location Facility
Diyalo Girls Hostel 01-4444682
Kesu Girls Hostel Pvt. Ltd. 01-4011238
Fairyland Girls Hostel 9848185988
Kohinoor Girls Hostel 9841125669
Sanctuary Girls Hostel 9841045363
Dahila Girls Hostel 9851175583

Hostels for Girls in Ghattekulo

Girls Hostel in Ghattekulo Phone Number Location Facility
Blue sky Girls Hostel 01-4770218    
Family Girls Hostel 9851018574    
Ekata Girls Hostel 9849656077    
Unique Girls Hostel 9841135161    
Sanctuary Girls Hostel 9813274338    


Best Girls Hostels in MaitiDevi

Girls Hostel in Maitidevi Phone Number Location Facility
Elite Girls Hostel 9808152282    
Anee Girls Hostel 9841855077    
Daughter Girls Hostel (Gyaneshwor) 9849298644    

Private Girls Hostels for Nursing/MBBS Preparation Students in Putalisadak

Girls Hostel in Putalisadak Phone Number Location Facility
Sumnima Girls Hostel 9851081830    
Central Girls Hostel (Kumari Galli) 01-4418522    

For Girls Only Hostel in New Plaza, Putalisadak

Green Tara Girls Hostel 9860324548    
Didi Bahini Girls Hostel 01-4011223    
Eva Girls Hostel 9844473337    
Srija Girls Hostel 9808275832    
Anjali Girls Hostel 9841287749    

Only Girls Hostels in BabarMahal

Girls Hostel in Babarmahal Phone Number Location Facility
Swarnim Sansar Girls Hostel 9845143776    
Galaxy Girls Hostel 9841380362    

Hostels for Girls in New Baneshwor

Girls Hostel in New Baneshwor Phone Number Location Facility
Everest Girls Hostel 01-4783530    
Bhanu Girls Hostel 9802200380    
Oasis Girls Hostel 9841219663    
Sunshine Girls Hostel (Thapagaun) 9851149932    

Ladies/Girls Hostels in Mid Baneshwor

Girls Hostel in Mid Baneshwor Phone Number Location Facility
Mata Pathivara Girls Hostel 9844611525    
Manakamana Girls Hostel 9851184624    
Next To Home Girls Hostel 9841662729    
Om Girls Hostel 9842039940    
Phoenix Girls Hostel 9813216828    

Hostels For Girls in Buddhanagar

Girls Hostel in Buddhanagar Phone Number Location Facility
Angel Girls Hostel 9818303996    
Comfort Girls Hostel 01-4106617    
Homely Girls Hostel 9841535961    
Buddha Girls Hostel 9849402289    
Indrawati Girls Hostel 01-4785230    
Hama Girls Hostel 9851037361    
Upama Girls Hostel 9861909492    
Prem Sai Girls Hostel 9842047717    

Girl Hostels in Shankhamul

Girls Hostel in Shankhamul Phone Number Location Facility
New ABC Girls Hostel 9845709811    
Smarika Girls Hostel 9849553923    
Subha Kanya Girls Hostel 9841861620    
Zenith Girls Hostel 9851141892    

Girls Hostels at MinBhawan, Kathmandu Nepal

  • Karuna Girls Hostel (Contact: 9844681106, 9842676662)
  • Good Care Girls Hostel (Contact: 01 4620131, 9803458540, 9849515661)
  • Sanskar Aawas Griha Girls Hostel (Contact: 9868564936, 9848017175)
  • Sanskar Girls Hostel (Contact: 9851015042, 9851011278)
  • Panchakanya Girls Hostel (Contact: 01-4620475, 9851064892, 9841755852)

Girls Hostels at Shankhamul, Kathmandu Nepal

  • Homely Girls Hostel (Contact: 01-4782729, 9841535981)
  • New ABC Girls Hostel (Contact: 014781416, 9845709811, 9811203838)