Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs | 5 Best Nepali Song Covers by Foreign Singers

Everyone has their own favourite genre of music. Some like Rock, some are after Reggae, some are crazy about Metal, some prefer Pop, and some go after Rap and so on. But, sometimes not the genre but the language, the song is based on, also matters. It matters the most when the song in one language is sung by the artist who isn’t that familiar and fluent in that language. Well, singing a song is a tough challenge by itself and it gets even tougher when you try singing the song in a foreign language. So, with a neat effort of thanking the non-Nepali singers for giving their best in the attempt of singing Nepali songs, we’ve prepared a list of Top 5 Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs.

Best Nepali Song Covers By Non-Nepali Singers | List of 5 Best Foreigners singing Nepali Songs

Baneko Chha Pahara: By Peter McDonough

Mero Priyatam: By Hanna Geschewski

Resham Firiri: By Arko Mukherjee

Resham Firiri: By Alexander Slocombe

Mero Yeuta Saathi Chha: By Korean Singers