Diabetic Diet in Nepali | Diabetes Patient Meal Plan

Before diving deeper into the Diabetic Diet in Nepali, there are few important keynotes on Diabetes that you should know. So, if you’re here for Diabetes Patient Meal Plan in Nepali, just keep some patience before scrolling down straight to the diet plan, spend some time and energy understanding what is diabetes, it’s symptoms and cure. People in Nepal use words like “Madhumeha” and High Blood Sugar for the term “Diabetes”.

Disclaimer: This post is not medically approved and we can not guarantee the diet plan to be 100% Accurate. However, we’ve prepared this list of Diabetic Diet in Nepali by considering suggestions from different doctors and patients with Diabetes. So, take this post just as a reminder or reference. And, just get an appointment with a doctor or dietician to find out the diet that best suits your Diabetes Type.

What is Diabetes? | मधुमेह भनेको के हो?

Our body gets energy from the food we eat. The food is broken down into the form of energy called “glucose” which is also the term for sugar. Then with the production of insulin from the pancreas, this glucose through the blood reaches our cell and hence the cell gets energy. As a whole, our body gets the energy. In this process, when there’s a malfunctioning, the disease is called Diabetes. So, if your pancreas produces less insulin or your body cannot use all the insulin produced by pancreas then the glucose in blood can’t reach the cells and hence the blood will have High Sugar Level and then the Diabetes you’ll have is called Type 2 Diabetes. Wondering what is the Type 1 Diabetes then? It’s the one in which your pancreas makes no insulin at all.

The Diabetes that is more common in Nepalese is the Type 2 Diabetes. So in this post, the diet plan that we’ll be making will be best suited for patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Other than these 2 Types of Diabetes, there is also another type of Diabetes that can be seen on a pregnant woman called gestational diabetes in which mother cannot produce insulin to cover the need of both the mother and the child.

मधुमेह एक एस्तो रोग हो जसमा तपाइको शरीरले तपाईद्वारा उर्जा प्राप्त गर्नका लागि खाइएको खानालाई राम्रो संग प्रयोग वा खपत गर्न सक्दैन।

Signs of Diabetes | Symptoms of High Blood Sugar | मधुमेहको लक्षणहरु

  • Feeling thirsty more than often (धेरै तिर्खा लाग्नु)
  • Feeling Tired (धेरै थकान महसुस हुनु )
  • More Urination than usual (असाम्न्ये रुपमा धेरै पिसाब लाग्नु)
  • Blurred Vision (धमिलो देख्नु)
  • Radical Weight Loss (असामनिये रुपमा वजन घट्नु)
  • Slow Healing of Wound (घाउ धेरै ढिलो निको हुनु)
  • Constant Hunger (भोक लागिराख्नु)
  • Itchy Skin (छाला चिलाउनु)
  • Numbness in Feet or hands (हात खुट्टा झम-झामौनु)
  • Problems with sexual activity (यौन क्रियाकलापमा समस्या आउनु)

Factors of Diabetes | मधुमेहका कारणहरु

  • A family Disease (बम्सात्मक गुण)
  • Overweight (धेरै वजन हुनु)
  • Age (over 40) (४० वर्ष माथिको उमेर हुनु)
  • Inactive (असक्रिया हुनु: हिड-डुल कम गर्नु)
  • Had Diabetes during Pregnancy (गर्वावास्था को दौरान मधुमेह भएको भए)

Diabetic Diet in Nepali | High Blood Sugar Patient’s Meal Plan

Since we are not from Health Science background and none of us is a registered dietician, it won’t be wise for us to give you exact Meal plan including what to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, we’ve closely contacted the doctors and patients with Diabetes to find out which are the foods that are best suited for the Diabetes Patients and which are the ones to avoid. So, in this list, we’ll be mentioning the foods that you need to consider while eating if you’re a Diabetes patient. And, here’s the Diabetes Diet list in Nepali:

Dear Diabetes Patients, Bear in mind that you should now start eating lesser foods but at a shorter time interval so instead of eating 3 times a day, start eating 4/5 times a day. But make sure your none of your meal is as heavy as that of a healthy person and never eat until you feel your stomach to be full.

सुगर रोगीले खान मिल्ने खानेकुराको सुची | Foods to eat if you’ve Type II Diabetes

  • Whole Grain Wheat Roti (चोक्कर सहित को गहुको रोटि)
  • Whole Wheat Bread (गहुले मात्र बनेको पाउरोटी)
  • Oats (जई)
  • Bitter -Gourd/Karela (करेला)
  • Fenugreek/Methi (मेथी)
  • Spinach/Paalak (पालुंगो)
  • Salgam (गाठे मुला)
  • Trichosanthes dioica/Pointed-Gourd (पर्वल)
  • Bottle Gourd (लौका )
  • Raddish (मुला)
  • Cauliflower (फुल्गोभी / काउली)
  • Cabbage (बन्दकोभी)
  • Broccoli (ब्रोकौली)
  • Tomato (गोल्वेडा / टमाटर)
  • Tofu (तोफु)
  • Soybean (भटमास)
  • Gram (चना)
  • Beans (गेडागुडी)
  • Almond (मधेशी बदम)
  • Sweet Lime (मौसम)
  • Beet (चुकन्दर)
  • Coconut (नरिवल)
  • Boiled or Steamed Rice or Browned Rice
  • High Fiber Fruits with lesser sugar
  • Sugar-Free Biscuits
  • WaterMelons (खर्बुजा)

सुगर रोगीले खान नमिल्ने खानेकुराको सुची | Foods to AVOID if you’ve Type II Diabetes

  • White Rice (भात)
  • Anything with High Carbohydrates and High Sugar
  • Sweet Potato (सखार खण्ड)
  • Potato (if you can’t avoid completely eat as less as possible)
  • Avoid Red meat if applicable
  • Avoid Foods with High Fats

(Dear Readers, this post is still under-construction, we are at works on updating this list and turning it into a complete list of Foods that are eatable and not-eatable by patients with Diabetes (especially Type II)… So, please come back at a later date to view the complete Diet Plan in Nepali for Sugar Patients…)