Cute Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriends | Nepali Nicknames for Girls

When in a relationship, even the smallest thing makes a huge difference. If a girl has accepted you as her boyfriend or husband then she has accepted you as the most special person in her life. She wants you to be special to her in every way possible. She wants the most attention, love, and care from you. Top of all, she wants you to treat her as your most special person as well. So, how would you do that? Well, you can start by calling her by a cute pet name. Because everyone calls her by her name and she simply doesn’t want you to do the same. To help you in choosing the best, sweet and cute Nepali Nickname for your Girlfriend, we’ve prepared a list of Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriends.

Sweet Nicknames For GirlFriends in Nepali | Cute Nepali Pet Names for Girls

Well, before shooting you with the list, we’d like to make a small disclaimer, this list also has some Nicknames for girlfriends in English. That’s because Nepalese are found using English nicknames for their girlfriends as much as the Nepali ones. So, how could we avoid them, right?

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And, one more thing, before you choose a nickname for your girlfriend, make sure she’ll like it. Few names might sound offensive depending on person and situation. So, make sure you’ll choose the nickname for your girl wisely keeping her personality and likeness in mind. Plus, few girls prefer nicknames only while talking privately, so don’t call her by the nickname publicly or else you’d be in trouble.

  1. Nanu
  2. Maya
  3. Budi
  4. Priye
  5. Bhunti
  6. Jaanu
  7. Kali
  8. Kanchhi
  9. Kanchhu
  10. Saani
  11. Pari
  12. Rani
  13. Pyari
  14. Putali
  15. Baby
  16. Sweetie
  17. Darling
  18. Mutu
  19. Sanu
  20. Saane
  21. Moti
  22. Mushi
  23. My love
  24. Princess
  25. Angel
  26. Sweetheart
  27. Cutie
  28. Beautiful
  29. Gorgeous
  30. Cutie-pie
  31. Honey-Bunny
  32. Hottie
  33. Nani
  34. Dauri
  35. Chyakhuri
  36. Dalli
  37. Shorty
  38. Pudki
  39. BulBul
  40. Golumolu
  41. Jaan
  42. Maharani
  43. Baby Doll
  44. My Lady
  45. Preeti
  46. Nautanki
  47. Pagli
  48. Ladli
  49. Begum
  50. Haseena
  51. Gulaabo
  52. Keti
  53. Rajkumari
  54. Sahibaa
  55. Pinky
  56. Mutu ko Dhadkan
  57. Mutu ko Tukra
  58. Sonpari
  59. Fuchhi
  60. Mayalu
  61. Rosy
  62. Syaani
  63. Wonder Woman
  64. Maili
  65. Chatterbox
  66. Daisy
  67. Wifey
  68. BayBay
  69. Boo
  70. Cinderella
  71. Cupcake
  72. Cutie

Surprised to see an empty spot? Well, It is there for you to fill up. Share with us the nickname that you’ve given to the love of your life. So, comment it down below and we’ll update it at a later date.