Check NT Home Phone Bill

How to Check NTC Landline Phone Bill

Have you been trying to check your Landline Phone Bill by calling 1606 and worried that the system no longer works? Yes, that’s totally understandable. Since that was the way how we’ve been checking our NTC Landline Phone Bill for years. The system no longer works and that is for good. It is because the new way of checking your home phone’s bill is much easier and faster. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and here is how to check your NTC Landline’s due amount and available credit.

Check NTC Landline Phone Bill | Landline’s Due Amount and Available Credit Details

After the recent system¬†upgrades by NTC, you don’t need to call a number and follow the dialing procedure that the computer will tell you on the phone. The bill checking system has become much easier and faster. To check your phone bill, all you need to do is take your¬†NTC phone out and send a text to 1415 but the text should follow some format which will be explained below:

Go to your Message Box and Type CB*PhoneNumber(9digit) and Send it to 1415

For example,
Type CB*015580210 and Send it to 1415

and within seconds you’ll get a reply stating your due amount and available credit for your Landline.


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