Check ADSL Validity of Nepal Telecom, Expiration Date By SMS

ADSL via Nepal Telecom is one of the most popular internet service in Nepal. ADSL is available in most of the popular cities of Nepal. Simply saying ADSL is available, where ever Nepal telecoms landline phone service is available. To find the process to check ADSL validity by SMS scroll below.

There are more than 20 ISP’s functioning in Nepal. But to suggest any of them to anyone we cannot give one name. There is no Best ISP, all of them have their own downsides. The best thing is to research which own works well around your locality, and Which ISP provides best internet package along with customer support. Also ALways consider fair usage policy implemented by ISP’s which will slow down your internet during peak hour or if you use too much bandwidth.

ADSL’s minimum package is 5M Unlimited as said by NTC, though on the speed check this is not completely true. But the best part is the lack of fair usage policy which means the speed will be consistent regardless of how much you download or whatever the time of the day it is.

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Easily Check  ADSL Validity ( Nepal Telecom ) By SMS | Check ADSL Expiration Date

It is very Easy to check Nepal Telecom’s ADSL validity via SMS. With Recent System update, the procedure has been slightly changed.

As of 2018 to check ADSL validity period, you need to type VL*NTADSL PhoneNo and send it to 1415.

Suppose your ADSL Land Line Number is 6631200 (Random Number is chosen for example)

Then You Need to Type  VL*NTADSL016631200  

And send it to 1415.

Remember the Area Code (01). This is for Kathmandu valley. This will be different based on your location.

That’s it and you will receive a message from 1415 with your ADSL expiration date. The message normally arrives within few seconds after your Message is Delivered.

Here is Screenshot of the process from our device.

Also If you do not know there is an offer via NTC for ADSL, which costs Only NRs. 8000 for a 1-year subscription. We are already subscribed to it. Read all details about NTC new year offer