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As 2019 quickly comes to a close and New Year 2020 is just around the corner, we all are looking for inspirations and motivations to do something new in our life. A large portion of people think that new year resolutions are all hyped-up, but ListNepal disagrees on that. We believe setting a goal and completing those mission on given time frame gives a great sense of achievement and encourages us to push our limit even higher. To get you started on great things to come this year, We have prepared a list of ideas, things you can choose to complete this year.

Bucket List Ideas for 2020

  1. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands

  2. Start Your own Startup

  3. Learn a new Language

  4. Get A Six pack abs

  5. Purpose your crush

  6. Start Saving

  7. Quit one bad Habit

  8. Travel to the Himalayas

  9. Be a youtuber

  10. Go for Whitewater Rafting

  11. Participate in social service

  12. Go for meditation

  13. Go on a Road Trip

  14. Chase a Rainbow Tail

  15. Follow a planned Schedule for a month

  16. Visit one new Place every Month

  17. Make one new friend Every month

  18. Go Camping

  19. Eat 100 momos in a day

  20. Do a prank on someone

  21. Stay awake the whole night partying

  22. Kiss in the rain

  23. Meet your favorite movie star

  24. Forgive someone

  25. Surprise someone special

  26. Organize a family picnic

  27. Donate Blood 4 times in a year

  28. Adopt an animal

  29. Donate books to a school

  30. Build your website

  31. Learn a new programming language

  32. Invest some money

  33. Watch all the Oscar-winning movies

  34. Get A Tattoo

  35. Attend an uninvited wedding

  36. Design your personal Website

  37. Attend a Live Television Show

  38. Run a Marathon

  39. Watch all the best movies of last year

  40. Get Married

  41. Purpose your Crush

  42. Travel Alone

  43. ……………………………

  44. Comment below some of your own ideas ??? .

These are some ideas you could set to achieve this new year. Have a wonderful year ahead.

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!!!!   Happy New Year 2020 !!!!