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Bucket List Ideas for 2018 | ListNepal

As 2017 quickly comes to a close and New Year 2018 is just around the corner, we all are looking for inspirations and motivations to do something new in our life. A large portion of people think that new year resolutions are all hyped-up, but ListNepal disagrees on that. We believe setting a goal and completing those mission on given time frame gives a great sense of achievement and encourages us to push our limit even higher. To get you started on great things to come this year, We have prepared a list of ideas, things you can choose to complete this year.

Bucket List Ideas for 2018

  1. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands

  2. Start Your own Startup

  3. Learn a new Language

  4. Get A Six pack abs

  5. Purpose your crush

  6. Start Saving

  7. Quit one bad Habit

  8. Travel to the Himalayas

  9. Be a youtuber

  10. Go for Whitewater Rafting

  11. Participate in social service

  12. Go for meditation

  13. Go on a Road Trip

  14. Chase a Rainbow Tail

  15. Follow a planned Schedule for a month

  16. Visit one new Place every Month

  17. Make one new friend Every month

  18. Go Camping

  19. Eat 100 momos in a day

  20. Do a prank on someone

  21. Stay awake the whole night partying

  22. Kiss in the rain

  23. Meet your favorite movie star

  24. Forgive someone

  25. Surprise someone special

  26. Organize a family picnic

  27. Donate Blood 4 times in a year

  28. Adopt an animal

  29. Donate books to a school

  30. Build your website

  31. Learn a new programming language

  32. Invest some money

  33. Watch all the Oscar-winning movies

  34. Get A Tattoo

  35. Attend an uninvited wedding

  36. Design your personal Website

  37. Attend a Live Television Show

  38. Run a Marathon

These are some ideas you could set to achieve this new year. Have a wonderful year ahead.

!!!!   Happy New Year 2018 !!!!

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