Boogie Woogie Nepal | Boogie Woogie Audition Detail

Boogie Woogie Nepal is a Dance Franchise which Originated in India. AP1 Television is bringing lots of international shows to Nepal and Boogie Woogie is one among them. The show was announced by AP1 tv’s Facebook page on August 7, 2017. The Show will be aired on AP1 Television from 29th March Every Thursday 8 PM.

If  You are a dance lover, or a dancer yourself then this show is for you. As AP1’s other show Nepal Idol was most watched show on 2017 Boogie Woogie might rule in 2018. You can find lots of audition videos on youtube and Facebook pages. We have linked some of them on end of this post along with trailers of the show and audition rules.

The Shooting for the show has already started. The Judge for the Show Priyanka Karki has sneak Peeked some events from the set in her Instagram Stories.

Boogie Woogie Show Times:

Boogie Woogie will premier on 29th of March.  The show will be aired every Thursday 8 PM, Nepali Time.

Boogie Woogie Judges

Priyanka Karki :

Priyanka Karki, She is all around from Being a Miss Teen, Music Videos, To Nepali Movie Industry. She has a lot of contribution to Nepali Movie Industry. Every song she appears in are big Hit, Even Her movies are doing very well and even her controversies are always on the high. At The Age of 30, She has achieved that no woman has ever achieved in Nepalese Entertainment industry. In Every Music Videos of Her, we can see how good of a dancer she is. She is a Perfect Judge for Boogie Woogie.

Dilip Rayamajhi:

Dilip Rayamajhi well known Nepali actor is much loved for his dance performances. He is also a Dance Director.  We could not think of better Actor in Nepali Industry who would be a perfect judge for the show.

Kabiraj Gahatraj:

Kabiraj Gahatraj is one of the best Choreographer in Nepal. His Choreography can be found in countless movies like Hifajat, Kusume Rumaal, Kaha Chau Kaha, Nasib Aafno, Chakka Panja, etc. His Recent Hits are Purba Pashchim Rail (All songs from Chakka Panja), Kutu Ma Kute (Dui Rupiya), Kale Dai etc and many more.

Boogie Woogie Nepal Teaser Trailers

Introducing Priyanka Karki

Introducing Dilip Rayamajhi


How to Apply for Boogie Woogie Nepal

To Apply for Boogie Woogie Nepal you need to shoot a short video of your dance performance.

Download AP1 HD App from App store or the Play store. The link is Below:

Play Store:

App Store:

On The Ap1HD App Click Boogie Woogie Auditions and log in.

Then You could upload a video or put the link to your youtube video Url. Also, put your valid Phone Number as you will receive a call if you are selected.

Boogie Woogie Application Rules

The Applications for Boogie Woogie are to be sent online. To be selected to present your dance in front of the judges you need to record a video of your Dance. If your video application is accepted then you will be called for real performance for the judges. The rules for video submission are as follows:

  • Last Date for online submission: 11:59 pm – 14th November 2017.
  • Video length to be at most 60 seconds.
  • Video quality should be at least 420p to 720p.
  • Single or Duet both types of performance are allowed.
  • Dance should be performed on a Nepali Song.
  • The video should be clear and performed with adequate lighting conditions.
  • Any Nepali from 14-40 of age can submit their applications.

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Boogie Woogie Audition Videos

These Videos are not posted by authorized source from AP1.