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“Blood” could sometimes, actually many times, be the second name for “life”. There have been cases where a patient loses his/her life due to unavailability of blood at urgency. So, if you’re not sure where to collect or donate blood in Kathmandu, then here is a brief detail on Blood Banks in Kathmandu. Plus, you may donate blood at any of these centres as well. Donating blood has different benefits but the best part about it is, you are saving someone’s life and what could be a better reason than that for you to donate blood. And, to donate blood, all you gotta do is pay a visit at any of the below-listed Blood Donation Centers in Kathmandu.

Remainder: When we’re in need of blood, we panic and rush to the blood bank nearby in a heartbeat. But a wiser thing to do is ring the blood bank first. Wait for them to answer and ask them if they have the blood group you’re searching. Only after getting an affirmative answer, go to that blood bank. Else, ring another blood bank on the list. Sounds pretty basic, right? But at the time of urgency, we lose our mind and take a faster decision than a wiser decision. And, that’s where we could go wrong. Hence, it was a brief reminder for you to have some patience even at the time of urgency.

Blook Banks in Kathmandu with Phone Number | Blood Donation Centers Info

Redcross Blood Bank (Balkumari, Lalitpur) : 01-5186065 / 01-5186390

Bhaktapur Blood Bank Phone Number: 01-6612266 / 016611661

Pulchowk Blood Bank (Lalitpur): 01-5527033

Noble Hospital Blood Bank (Sinamangal Kathmandu): 01-4110842

Teaching Hospital Blood Bank (Kathmandu): 01-4412303

GanganLal Hospital Blood Bank (Bansbari, Kathmandu) Phone Number: 01-4371374

Grande Blood Bank (Dhapashi, Kathmandu): 01-5159277

Trauma Center Blood Bank (Mahaboudhha, Kathmandu): 01-4239161

Banepa Blood Bank Phone Number: 01-1661431

*Note: with time, phone numbers may change.  So, in case, the listed phone number isn’t reachable. You may call 197 (Inquiry) and get the updated phone number of the respective blood bank.

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