Best Resorts In And Around Kathmandu Valley

Working your asses off 6 days a week can surely take a toll on us. Work stress is one of the major causes of depression too! And out of all the various ways to de-stress, traveling is, by far the best. And that wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? Various studies done around work and lifestyle recommend traveling every once in a while to relieve yourself from work. Traveling alone shouldn’t need a reason, but yes, taking some time away from your work is a good excuse. But of course, it is not always that you can convince your boss to grant you a leave, is it? So, for those of you who are looking for a short outing for a get together close by, here are some of the Best Resorts in and around Kathmandu Valley.

From an overwhelming number of resorts, we’ve picked out the best in many aspects. This list includes expensive to affordable ones, quiet ones to buzzing ones and all kinds. But we’re not talking about those mainstream hotels here. Only resorts. And of course, this is not only for those who’re looking for short getaways. But also for those who are looking for places to stay between the valley and their destinations. Therefore, here are the best resorts in and around Kathmandu valley:

Best Resorts In Kathmandu Valley

1) Gokarna Forest Resort

Now, this falls in the group among the more expensive resorts out there. But for good reason. Located within the limits of the valley in Rajnikunj Gokarna, it lies inside the serene Gokarna forest itself. And Gokarna Forest is a famous landmark as the Royal Hunting grounds of the kings of Nepal. The resort offers various types of accommodations – like the Malla period architecture, Rana styled sanctuaries or just simple traditional Nepali houses. The best part, however, is the breathtaking views of the Gokarna Forest. There are separate Forest View rooms as well as regular ones too.

The resort also boasts a Spa with a Health Club and an 18-hole golf course as well. The Spa and Health Club even offer various Ayurvedic treatments too! There is also an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and hot tub steam rooms too, for those concerned about their fitness even during holidays. There’s all-day dining facility where you can choose from among 4 dining options for regular meals as well. Yes, this is one resort for the ones looking for luxury. Staying here doesn’t come cheap, but for those with cash, it could be worth it!

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2) Hotel Mystic Mountain

This one should be no surprise. Because well, it is located in Nagarkot, which in itself, is a pretty popular nearby getaway place. And Mystic Mountain, with its tranquil surrounding among the hills and terraced farms within the misty clouds, is a resort that easily stands out. It has a perfect blend of nature and modern luxury, as it features all the modern amenities to pamper yourself while offering breathtaking views of the valley and beyond. And what’s more? Other forms of breathtaking views and sights are just a short hike or nature walk away.

The resort boasts outdoor jacuzzi, pool, and barbecue as well. You can also have your own private barbecue space too. For sports enthusiasts, there’s also a tennis court among the grounds. You will find air conditioning in all the rooms, with free Wi-Fi as well. The Fine Dining Restaurant there serves your choices from a wide range of Continental, Indian, Chinese and traditional Nepali cuisines. This is one resort that perfectly combines modern amenity with nature.

3) Neydo Hotel

Tucked in a peaceful location in the southwest corner of Pharping, lies this peaceful hotel. The Neydo Hotel lies alongside the Neydo Tashi Choeling Monastery and is a great place for a retreat. Even more so, if you are looking for some form of spiritual retreats. There are large meeting areas and many knowledgeable monks dwell in the area. You can engage in meditation, learn about Buddhism, or study a day in the life of the Buddhist monks. There is also the Asura Cave nearby, which is said to provide the spiritual energy to the monks residing there.

The Buddhist monastery is home to almost 200 monks who live and study there. And if you want to participate in their studies or eat together with them to gain insight into their life, you’re welcome to do that too. Besides that, the hotel offers a good view of the valley with the best kind of hospitality and accommodation. There are facilities like free Public Wi-Fi, a modern restaurant that serves all kinds of popular cuisines and such, and many more. Falling to the mid-range category in terms of cost, it is a great place to be for a short spiritual retreat.

4) Pataleban Vineyard Resort

Now, this is not one of those mainstream popular resorts that everyone will flock to. But, if you’re a wine connoisseur, or simply like wine, then, this can be a great destination for you. Located in Chisapani Baad Bhanjhyang VDC of Thankot, this resort can be easy to miss while getting there. A narrow path on the side of the highway leads to it, and the path can be easily missed if not careful. But, the place has its own vineyard, and they make their own wine. So, you can always have a fresh glass of one. But yes, if you want aged wine, then, the resort offers that too.

Besides that, the resort is located near a small forest, known as a Patale ban. From the resort area, you get good views of mountain ranges and the surrounding forest. You can also opt to stay in a private cottage area for larger groups. You can get your private barbecue going on, or even a campfire. Besides that, all the basic facilities like Wi-Fi and electric tea-pot in rooms are available. This is a resort that is not very expensive for a night out.

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 5) RiverFun Beach Resort

Now this lies a bit far from the valley, nearby Kurintar where you get cable cars for the Manakamana Temple, in Gorkha district. But, this is a place that is surrounded by nature’s greenery. It lies on the bank of the Trisuli river, which is famous for rafting. The sound of the gushing river alone is a very good feeling, especially in the evenings by the bonfires you can do there. This is a place to be if you want to have a camping-like experience on a river bank with bonfire and music.

The place offers three types of accommodations: hotel rooms with full facilities, cottage rooms, and regular tents. And the prices are set accordingly, but this isn’t an expensive place by any standards. For a camping experience, the tent or cottage rooms are recommended. The forest area nearby the river is also very tranquil and is also a good place to read by the river bank if you’re into it. There isn’t much to do here, but there’s also a small swimming pool for you to beat some heat. This is a good place for those who either want the camping experience or those who want to try rafting in the Trisuli river.


So, these are the Best Resorts in and around Kathmandu valley. Yes, traveling for a short while in resorts isn’t a lot of fun, but these are places to be if you want a quick getaway. If we missed your favorite resorts out, do let us know.