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Best Places For One Night Stay Near Kathmandu | ListNepal

Are you searching the best place for a night stay near Kathmandu for any kind of occasions? Then you are in right place.

A friend has a birthday, a friend is going abroad, or want to hang out with friends for a night, You will need a cool place that is not so far from the city but very far from the everyday crowd. Here, we have collected a list of places which are near or inside Kathmandu valley that are perfect for the one-night stay. The list compromise of different locations along with some info about places for night stay around them.

*Disclaimer: Some places in the list like, Godawari, Namo Buddha are generally visited during day time. But You could find quality resort near those places which are perfect of night stay, hence they are also in list. 

Best Places For Night Stay Near Kathmandu

1. Nagarkot

Ask 10 friends of yours to name 10 fun places they have been; almost all of them are likely to include Nagarkot on their list if they are from Valley. Nagarkot is definitely a fun place to be. It is most famous for the luring view of sunrise and sunset. It is best suitable for couples to mingle. Nagarkot is 32km far from Kathmandu valley. You can easily reach by taking bus from Kathmandu to Kamalbinayak then by next bus from therein to Nagarkot. Taking public vehicle will give you time to elongate your day trip by hiking through the beautiful roadways of the forest. Bikes and private vehicles are easier if you have one. Resorts and lodges are plenty in number if you want to spend your night to view the sunrise. Not to forget the place is quite expensive to stay. You can have 360 views of Himalayas if the weather is favorable.

2. Surya Chaur

You can begin your journey to Surya chaur from New Buspark Balaju. You can either take a bus ride,  Motor Bike ride or even a bicycle ride to there. The roads are bumpy as the pitch road is suffering its life, Well it is few years old. Let’s not forget swampy roads during rain and dusty air during a sunny day.  It all pays off once you reach Gurjeybhanjyang, passing Tokha through Jhor. You can see a single standing Ground with a Broadcast tower from GurjeyBhanjyang which will make you fall for the place at the very first sight. Once you reach Surya chaur you can see lots of mountain ranges come closer to you. Surya Chaur is a perfect place for couples to spend some time too. For a night stay the hotels are not so pleasing but the freedom of getting to eat whatever you want, and getting to play  Non-stop music whole night will definitely cover for that. Also, do not forget to climb the tower and let pass your Acrophobia.

3. Markhu

Indra Sarovar can also be called the largest man-made lake of Nepal is one of the most beautiful places around Kathmandu valley. Markhu is a small village which resides in northwestern shores of it. The place is perfect for having a wonderful time with friends as you can go boating, fishing, swimming, or even enjoying the scenic beauty is a delight for your eyes. Do not forget to take a life jacket as the lake is deep. Life jackets are available at the hotels. This place is perfect for any kind of excursion, picnic, visit, dating, night hangout. The place is perfect for night hang out as you can celebrate without worrying you would disturb anyone. Visiting once is not enough as you will always remember how good the place is.

4. Thamel

Thamel is a central station for tourists in Kathmandu. Almost every tourist visiting Nepal will visit Thamel. Exploring Thamel we can say it is one of the cool places to be in the hot Kathmandu city.

This place can be characterized by its narrow alleyed shops selling Nepalese traditional items, trekking kits, and variety of restaurant. The place is full of people walking in the alley almost any time of the day.  Not only for tourists this place is also go to for local peoples too. Hotels open until midnight so chilling and spending a night there is not a problem.

5. Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is one of the best places around Kathmandu which is also a center region of Kavre district. It is also suitable for a family picnic, school/college picnic, couples as well as to hang out with friends.  If you are up for a hike then you can climb to the top of the hill also called “Hajar Sidi”(1000 steps). You can get a good view of hills and mountains if the weather is clean. You can also find lots of good hotels for night stay.


Chitlang located in Makwanpur district lies in about 22 km south west of Kathmandu. This place offers a beautiful and peaceful environment along with some beautiful view of mountain ranges. You could also plan for a day hike which will start at Thankot. For night stay there are some good hotels. You could also extend your hike to Indra Sarovar Markhu which takes about 6 hrs from Chitlang.


Kakani situated in the Nuwakot district lies about 25km north-west of Kathmandu valley. You could take a bus from Balaju by-pass which will get you there in 2 hours or so. The route is good for bike rides too.


Godawari located in Lalitpur district, a place not so far from the capital is known for the beautiful botanical garden.  The wide variety of flowers, orchids, butterflies, rare and birds can be observed in the botanical garden. It is a perfect place to have fun during the daytime. For night time you could find many good hotels therearound.

9. Daman

Daman is located in Thana Municipality, Makwanpur District of Nepal. You can get there in about 3-4 Hr ride starting from Kalanki, Kathmandu via a local bus. Daman is only about 77 KM southwest of Kathmandu. Daman view tower is a very famous place to visit here as it offers a 360 degree of Himalayas. Besides that, Daman offers other not to be missed destinations like Indra Sarovar, Rishikeswor Mahadev Temple, Everest Panorama Resort and many others.

10.Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha is located in Kavre District of Nepal. The distance from Kathmandu valley is about 40Km. You could get there in about 4-5 hours via a local bus or about 2.5-3.5 hours on a bike ride from Kathmandu valley. The roads are bumpy and muddy after you pass Dhulikhel But, after reaching there it will be long forgotten. The place is very quiet and peaceful and perfect for people who love the quiet environment. You can also hike to Dhulikhel From there or, from Dhulikhel to There. For night stay there are few hotels which are good and affordable.

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