Best Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu

Be it at school, college or work, Nepali Community is well known for organizing Picnics in the time of winter. Picnics are good but with the right selection of the spot, you can make it even better. Organizing a picnic isn’t an easy task with so much to take care of. With the mindset of making your next picnic plan a bit easier, ListNepal team has thoroughly researched about possible picnic spots near Kathmandu and has come with a list. Choose any of the spots from the list and your picnic this year would be so mesmerizing and memorable. Picnics in Winter are all about enjoying the sun and the view from the spacious spot. Keeping the same thing in mind,  we neatly picked ten best picnic spots near Kathmandu.

Best Picnic Spots near Kathmandu for any groups (School, College, Community or Work)

1. Tribhuwan Park (Thankot)

Tribhuwan Park is a well-known picnic spot since long. It is located at Thankot and is only 20 minutes of a bus ride, 6.1 km away, from Kalanki (if no traffic). The park is best-suited for picnics since it has almost everything a picnic spot needs to have. The place is huge, the picnic spots are well-roofed, toilets are feasible and the garden itself has a good ambience. However, you need to pay some nominal charges to get a spot in the park and the traffic on the route is very unpredictable.

2. Chobhar (Kirtipur)

Jalabinayak Community Forestry Users´ Committee has been running a picnic spot at Chobhar, located at Kirtipur Municipality. Chobhar would be a good spot for anyone but more importantly to the students since it even serves as an educational tour to the historic place from where civilization started in the valley. The picnic is spot is around 3.5km away from Balkhu and would take usually 15minutes to reach the destination from Balkhu, Kathmandu.

3. BajraBarahi Temple (Chapagaun)

BajraBarahi Temple is a good picnic spot for students and religious group of people. That said, the picnic spot in the forest with over 140 flora that is home to over 48 kinds of birds would be best suited for any group of people interested in getting close to nature. The spot is 8km away from Satdobato, Lalitpur and would usually take around half an hour to reach.

4. Godawari

Godawari is a one and only Botanical Garden in Nepal. Godawari is about 15 Km away from the centre of the Kathmandu City- Ratnapark. Godawari is known for calm and beautiful around. Everyone can have a great time here enjoying the beauty of nature, along with some bird watching.  This place is suitable for small to large group of peoples for picnic programmes.

5. Lakuribhanjyang

LakuriBhanjyang located in Lalitpur district is about 18-19 km far from Kathmandu-Ratnapark. In recent days this place is gaining a lot of popularity. As it is located on top of the mountain you can see an excellent view of Kathmandu Valley. If the weather is clear full range of mountains can also be observed. This place can be the nearest place from Kathmandu to observe the great view of sunset and sunrise.

6. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is famous not only among Nepalese but also with foreign tourist for the luring view of sunset and sunrise. There is lots good picnic spot around Nagarkot for any kind of groups. For the past decade, Nagarkot has been the best choice of people for a picnic or any kind of fun events.

7. Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is the most famous picnic spot in Kathmandu valley. Beautiful view of Himalayas, Beautiful Forest, A good Hike, Places for children, religious temple, You name it, every small thing needed to be a good picnic spot can be found here. And How could we forget the famous Stone where you should stay in line to take a photo.

8. JaharSingh Pauwa

Great view of the Himalayas can be observed from JaharSingh Pauwa. It is also being popular for tea garden in recent days.


Located about 22 km South of Kathmandu, Dakshinkali is also a good place for a picnic. It is mostly visited by religious people to worship the goddess, Kali.

10. ChanguNarayan Temple

11. Panauti

12. Kakani

13. NamoBuddha

14. Dolalghat

15. Sundarijal

16. Dolakha Bhimsen


18. Karya Binayak

19.Sallaghari Subarneshwor


21. Pilot Baba

22. Sankha Park


These are popular picnic spots around Kathmandu valley. As these places are not so far from the capital planning a picnic can be good and time of the year. We will be updating the details about the places in more detail in coming days. Keep Visiting.

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