Best Old Nepali Movies | Must Watch Nepali Film Of All Time

Best old Nepali movies: Hundreds of film release every year in Nepali film industry but only a few of them will be able to set a record and the only handful of a movie will be able to impress the audience and make a place on their heart for a long period of time. In our previous post, we have looked at a list of upcoming Nepali movies for the year 2018.  Today, we are collecting those Nepali films which were successful not only for a week or a month or a year but passed to generation from generation.

Must Watch Old Nepali Film Of All Time

1. Kusume Rumal

2. Darpan Chaya

3. Lahure

4. Chino

5. Basanti

6. Dakshina

7. Saino

8. Thuldai

9. Maitighar

10. Dui Thopa Aasu