Best Selling Nepali Novels | Best Nepali Literature

Nepali novels have been written exquisitely and present a very unique and interesting story line. People find Nepali books even more appealing and better to develop their fluency in their mother tongue. We would strongly recommend all the readers to read the mentioned books at least once. There are many beautifully written Nepali books among which, the top ten best selling Nepali novels on the list is mentioned below.

Best Selling Nepali Novels | Best Nepali Literature

  1. Karnali Blues- Buddhi Sagar

    Karnali Blues (कर्नाली ब्लुज), released in 2010, is written by Buddhi Sagar and published by FinePrint publications. This book presents a young boy who passes through different phases of life with his parents. The main focus of the entire book/story is on the protagonist’s father. The character’s father has been painted by Sagar from several points of view. This book mainly portrays the struggle of a father from the Far-western region of Nepal. The Novel starts with the birth of the narrator himself, Brishabahadur. The character’s father’s struggle is narrated in the book. The book has been parted in 11 days. In the book, Brishabahadur is taking care of his father who is ill in those 11 days and with that, he remembers his past with his father and slips into the sea of wonder. Sagar tends to splash the emotional connection between the character and his father.
    karnali blues

  2. Jhola- Krishna Dharabasi

    Jhola (झोला) is written by Krishna Dharabasi and was released on 1st January, 2013. This book is more of a story than it is a novel. Krishna Dharabasi has depicted the details of Sati Pratha in his story. It’s about Sati culture, which was popular in Nepalese society until the 1920s and required wives to completely throw themselves in fire at the death of their husbands. Later, Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher, on the occasion of his 58th birthday, abolished this tradition. It all comes down to a mother’s deep bond with her son. This is a heart-wrenching story that will undoubtedly make your eyes water.

  3. Aadha Bato- Krishna Dharabasi

    Another book by Krishna Dharabasi, Aadha bato (आधा बाटो), being 8th on the list is an autobiography type novel which defines the life of the novelist. The book was released and all set for its readers in 2012. This novel, again, is a heart touching, eye-watering novel with depths of a lot of emotion. The novel is in an emotive tone. The writer depicts his bittersweet childhood, his family’s hardship, the necessity of money, adulthood, and life’s struggles to the death of his mother in a more descriptive way. People really understand the value of money, time and unity of family which is very much essential for a person to survive his every-day.

  4. China Harayeko Manchhe- Hari Bansha Acharya

    Written by the beloved Nepali actor, China Harayeko Manchhe (चिना हराएको मान्छे) is an autobiography of Hari Bansha Acharya, which presents the actor’s childhood. This book was released in April 2013. The plot of this book revolves around a modest, god-fearing man who loses his horoscope. This novel depicts the author’s childhood experiences, desires, and the challenges he faced as an adolescent. This book is thought to be a memorial to Acharya’s deceased wife. During the launch of his book, Acharya, a polished and well-known comedian and film actor in Nepal, expressed his wish to be a deity in his next life so that he could turn the gods into human beings suffering from anguish, misery, and sorrow. He also admitted that, despite his passionate worship of the gods, he had become an agnostic because all of his efforts to save his wife had failed.
    china harayeko manchhe

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  5. Ek Sarko Maya- G.S. Poudel

    Ek Sarko Maya (एक सर्को माया) by G.S. Poudel was published on 21st April, 2018 and is his first ever novel. This is a fascinating book that tickles your interest with each turn of the page. Despite the fact that the plot appears to be descriptive at times, the novel keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Its primary narrative contains several turns, the sub-plots are well-designed, and I’m confident it will leave the readers speechless at the conclusion. This book is nicely created and written from a unique perspective.

  6. Summer Love- Subin Bhattarai

    Summer Love is written by Subin Bhattarai and was released/published in 2012. It is Bhattarai’s second book and first novel. The plot is about a college student at the Central Environmental Sciences (CDES) at Tribhuvan University who falls in love. It became the bestseller in Nepal, sold over 20,000 copies and was one of the best-selling nepali book in the country of the year. The major characters of the story fall in love and depart due to some reasons which somehow attracted a lot of readers. The protagonist meets his friend at that moment and starts telling him the entire story. The storyline of the book may be common but the way it is presented, it makes the book really interesting and enjoyable, specifically for teenagers.
    summer love nepali book

  7. Karodaun Kasturi- Amar Neupane

    Widely mistaken for being the life story of actor Hari Bansha Acharya, this book rather is an utterly pleasing fictional novel based on the writer’s imaging of his life and how it would have been if he hadn’t found out about his talent as a comedian. This book was published in April 2015. This novel enlightens our mind with the thought of following our passion and not giving up. It positively drags the reader to go for their dreams. There is a metaphor that the animal “kasturi” follows its sweet magical smell, unaware of the fact that it actually is the one carrying that smell. Neupane has very cleverly used that metaphor in his novel and presented it carefully. It is a blend of drama, struggle and dreams and so, it is mostly popular among teens.

  8. Radha- Krishna Dharabasi

    With his great contribution in Nepali Literature, Krishna Dharabasi, once again is on the list with his marvelous writing, Radha(राधा), which was published in 2005. The work was based on the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharat, and it emphasized Radha’s role. Dharabasi drastically modified Radha and Krishna’s characteristics, making Radha bold, dignified, and revolutionary, as a result of the inspiration taken from Jacques Derrida’s Theory of Deconstruction. It might confuse the readers in the beginning that it might be the same old love story of Radha and Krishna. However, the story portrays the traditional plot in a much modern way and has added a lot of dramatic components to it which reveals a lot of hidden messages and it is more like an explanation of both sides of the story. This definitely is a must read.

  9. Seto Dharti- Amar Neupane

    Published in March 2012, Seto Dharti by Amar Neupane rapidly became the best-selling in the entire country. This book out views the bitter reality of Nepalese society. The storyline extends as it further takes us deep into the painful events experienced by a widow. The main character gets married at a very early age, at an age when she doesn’t even know the meaning of marriage. The character’s husband dies and so, she is bound to live as a child widow. The story continues and many difficulties come one by one in her life. The story is all about the child widow who has to spend her entire life without company and without emotional support. This story entirely gives its readers the painful cultural practice and how much women had to suffer before the eradication of these petty practices.
    seto dharti nepali novel

  10. Firfire- Buddhi Sagar

    Firfire by Buddhi Sagar, released in December, 2015 is a truly moving book. This book has made its readers shed tears and even mirror themselves in its characters which shows how much the readers get sucked into this book and completely dissolve themselves in the plot. All the characters have their own story and the author has very carefully crafted each one of them. This story will definitely live in your head rent-free for a couple of days and will compel you to think a lot about the events that took place in this story. This book is an adventure in itself. It has portrayed childhood as well as adulthood and has made itself relatable to many of its readers.  It gives extreme vivid description of the scenarios of a village. The slang, local names of the villagers, present psychology of villagers and local politics is very creatively presented. This book has successfully satisfied almost all of its readers. This exquisite creation of Sagar has proven itself to be the most read Nepali novel.

firfire Nepali novel