About Us

ListNepal: Nepal’s Top Lists, founded in 2017, is a startup of three young Nepali guys who have a common determination of giving quality contents on “Top things in Nepal“. This team primarily focuses on the listing of Top Nepali music, movies, events, destinations and more. Here the contents are categorized into relatable and trending categories, in such a way that “Your search for best things in Nepal ends here”. The only thing that sets this website apart from the rest of its blogging competitors is, any lists you’ll find here are prepared only after a thorough research.

Team Members of ListNepal

Krishna Sharma

Santosh Pokharel

Subash Basnet

Rabi Neupane

What Team Members have to say about ListNepal?

Krishna Sharma: “I’d like to refer ListNepal not just as a Project but as a campaign. The project phases out after sometimes but the campaign keeps running until its objectives are met. So, until and unless the best and most updated listing of Top things in Nepal are checked as done, there is no sign of stopping.”

Santosh Pokharel: “The time we started ListNepal, it wasn’t a wish but a necessity. Do you know why? It’s because we couldn’t find the quality contents on Top Things in Nepal and we were so disappointed that made us be determined about making the one ourselves. So, from that Day 1 to till today, we’re striving towards reaching our goal of making ListNepal as the only Destination for List of Top Things in Nepal.”

Subash Basnet: “What sets ListNepal apart from its competitors are: Update and Quality. Our vows at ListNepal includes giving the quality contents that are timely updated. We’re proud to announce that we push updates on our contents ranging from daily, weekly and monthly updates. Plus, each content published in ListNepal goes through three-step Quality Assurance: before publishing, at the time of publishing and after a week from publishing.”

Rabi Neupane: Quality is always prioritized of quantity, This is our motto to Be a Most successful Blogging site in Nepal.