5 Reasons To Get Married In Nepal

As wedding bells throughout the world are getting louder and louder, Nepal is fast becoming one of the top destinations for those seeking an exotic nuptial experience. Weddings in Nepal have a unique and exotic touch that makes it a highly sought-after wedding destination. When most foreigners visit Nepal, the first thing they want to do is find a Hindu marriage partner. Hindu weddings are known for their unique and culturally significant outdoor meetings where wedding rings are placed on drinking fingers.

Rituals performed on Hindu Vedas are an important part of South Asian life, therefore, these types of ceremonies are celebrated with a lot of exuberance and passion in the Hindu community. Foreigners can enjoy the same rifts and undulating rhythms created by joyous Hindu celebrants to reconnect with their own cultural heritage.

Hindu Wedding (Sanskrit: विवाह)

Getting married is a beautiful moment, so it’s important to be involved in your wedding party. A Hindu wedding ceremony, which is known as Vivah Sanskar in Sanskrit, lasts several days and involves the bride and groom being accompanied by different family members during various ceremonies. One thing about Hindu weddings is that the fire represents witness to the union. Therefore, the bride and groom are usually married in front of a bonfire presided over by their parents, who then traditionally bless them with gifts of gold or clothing.

In India, the wedding is divided into 3 parts;

  • Kanyadaan
  • Panigrahana
  • Saptapadi, Heena in the palms

The palm of the bride is decorated with henna during the wedding

Kanyadaan is the initial ritual performed by the father of the bride. He brings the bride to the groom and offers his hand to hers. Panigrahana is the ritual as a symbol of their imminent marriage union, and the groom announces his acceptance of responsibility to four deities. Saptapadi is the most important and definitive ritual of marriage. The couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire. Each circle compromised around the sacred fire represents a special vow.

In Nepal, the wedding includes 6 different steps. Citizens of the United States are required to obtain a special permit from the Government of Nepal to get married in Nepal >> United States Embassy Notice


5 Reasons To Get Married In Nepal- Advice For Foreigners

#1 Taste of Nepal Culture

Marry in Nepal that can offer the authentic taste of Nepali culture and lifestyle. From the haute couture of the wedding to the daily meals, everything is inspired by the homes of Nepal. You can follow the whole procession in Nepalese style.

#2 Honeymooning in Nepal

A great advantage of getting married in Nepal is, you can spend quality time on honeymoon in Nepal. You can consider taking a short trip to scenic places in Nepal or taking excursions and safaris. A cheaper and convenient travel destination, Nepal can be a great place to spend time alone with your loved ones.

#3 Wedding Ceremony Music

Nepal or Panche Baja wedding music is a combination of 5 traditional musical instruments usually played during weddings, which includes; cymbals, drums, small and large toms, trumpets and popular oboe. Panche Baja adds charm to Nepal weddings.

#4 The Stripes & Astrology

The Stripes & Astrology

Astrological signs are taken into account when deciding a marriage in Hindu society. The position of the astrological signs, both of the couple, determines the time and date of marriage, as well as the future coming of the nuptials.

#5 Vedic Rituals

vedic rituals

Hindu marriages are bound by Vedic rituals. Each process means Vedic importance. From the mantra sung to the commitment of marriage, everything is planned and revered.