2018 Tech Rewind

2018 has ended, but it was the dawn of many new trends and new things. Even in technology, many new things came to life, many died and many did not last the year. But some forms of technology are only beginning, which might go strong in 2019. So, here are some forms of technology that will be in abundance in 2019!

1) 5G Network

When we are only discovering the benefits of the 4G network in Nepal, the rest of the world has moved on. 5G network is already in the works, because, apparently, 4G speeds were not enough. Of course, we can’t blame them, as it is human nature to look for better things always. And so, 5G network promises faster speeds and lesser latency. But how fast? Over 100 times faster network speeds than existing 4G network when fully optimized!

Of course, the usage of this network is more than your data pack. It is the “Smart Future” – which will be used in self-driving cars to Remote medical applications. But yes, mobile phones will also get the network on their devices. Many companies have started modifying their chipsets to support 5G network on their phones, and we will see it in a lot of phones in 2019!

2) 8K Televisions

Again, we are not quite using the available 4K screen technology to the maximum, but we are already developing something far better (maybe). So, yes. 8K screens are here now. These TVs are larger with 4 times the number of pixels on our screens. How large can TVs go? Apparently, not large enough!

8K TVs were supposed to be the future because there has to be something after 4K. But the world is not ready for that yet. Mainly because even though 8K TVs are here, there is no 8K content to show for it. Samsung and LG were the companies that unveiled their 8K screens in August, but LG understood the world is not ready for it yet. However, Samsung had other ideas and their 8K TVs are already up for sales.

Even if there is no 8K content, Samsung claims the screens can upscale the content you have to look better. But even so, the human eyes cannot tell the difference in the overwhelming number of pixels! Unless the screens are really, really, really big! But since the technology is already here, let’s see if 2019 brings us any 8K content to enjoy.

3) Foldable smartphones

Smartphones are getting larger and larger, but it’s never enough. And to make them larger with good portability, we now have foldable smartphones! Yes, the idea has been hanging around for a long time, and there were teasers from way back about how these phones would look and function. And in 2018, it really happened.

Samsung was the company that had first come up with the concept back in 2008. And so, most thought Samsung would be the one to make it first. But it was Royale, a start-up company in California, which released the FlexPai – the world’s first foldable smartphone. It features a large 7.8″ screen when unfolded, a flexible AMOLED screen and two cameras. The phone runs on Android OS for flexible screens. The FlexPai is also available for sale.

And yes, in 2019, companies like Samsung, Motorola, and LG will definitely be coming out with their own version of flexible phones.

So,  we expect to see at least these forms of technology being popular in 2019. These may not be that exciting for some, but of course there is a lot to expect in 2019. So, let’s look forward to a new dawn of technology in the coming year.