Eighteen Rare And Historic Photos Of Nepal

Once in a while, we all wish if we had a time travel machine. Theoretically, it is proven that time travel machine can help us to re-live the past and pre-live the future. Unfortunately, we don’t have such machine right now which can take us to future or past but don’t lose hope, we at least have cameras, which is great for capturing the current moment and saving it for future references. Today, ListNepal have collected some of the rare and historic photos of Nepal.

Disclaimer: We have collected these photos from different media on the internet and we don’t hold any copyright for the images. All credit goes to the original photographers.

18 Rare And Historic Photos Of Nepal

 1.Bagmati Bridge 1880 A.D

Old Bagmati Bridge

2. Boudhanath Stupa – 1992 A.D

old Boudhanath Stupa

3. Transportation In Nepal – 1950


4. Clock Tower – 1920s

Ghanta Ghar

5. Dharahara


6. GhantaGhar and RaniPokhari 1920 AD

Ghantaghar Ranipokhari

7. Gurkha Army 1915.


8. Kathmandu Airport – 60ies.

Kathmandu Airport

9. Nepal Electricity Authority 1915 AD.


10. New Road 1975 AD

New Road 1975

11. Parade outside Singha Durbar 1902 AD


12. Patan Dhoka

Patan Dhoka

13. Patan Durbar Square 1883 AD

Patan Durbar Square

14. Pokhara Durbar 1893.

Pokhara Durbar

15. Singha Durbar 1915 AD

Singha Durbar

16. Thapathali Durbar Complex 1920 AD

Thapathali Durbar

17. Tri-chandra College


18. Western view of Kathmandu before 1934.

Western View Kathmandu


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