Top Ten Free Android Apps For Nepalese

Do you own an Android Phone? If yes, welcome to the world of smartphone. But, just owning a smartphone is never enough. With the right apps installed on your phone, you can turn your smartphone into something even smarter. So, if you are from Nepal and are on a hunt to find out the top ten free Android Apps, then you shouldn’t look anywhere else but this article.

Top Ten Free Android Apps, specially designed for People of Nepal

1. Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is a Nepali app that was initially designed as an app for viewing Nepali Calendar (based on Bikram Sambat). But, after numerous iterations and updates, the app isn’t a mere Nepali Calendar with information regarding approaching festival but much more. You can now listen to recorded or live Nepali Radio programs, podcasts, get notified about breaking news, read Nepali News online, convert dates from BS to AD and vice-versa and much more.

2. Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Though almost any of the trending keyboards including Gboard and Swiftkey now support the Nepali Language. But, what when it comes to writing in Nepali many of us prefer writing Nepali in roman letters. Understanding this preference of a common Nepali, developers from Hamro Patro, have developed this new Nepali Keyboard which is both innovative and usable. But in case, you are one of those who prefers a Nepali keyboard with Nepali letters and layout then this app will still get you covered. Moreover, you can customize which Roman letter to assign for which Nepali letter.

3. Nepali Patro

Right from the days of Windows XP, Hamro Patro and Nepali Patro are well-known alternative apps. So, the world of Android is no different. Both these apps are basically of the same purpose. However, Nepali Patro isn’t as timely updated and doesn’t have all the features that Hamro Patro comes with. So, if you want to get familiar with Nepali Date, Events and festivals then Nepali Patro can be of good use. In addition, it also gives users a platform to check horoscopes (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly), foreign exchange rate and more.

4. NTC NCELL Scan to Recharge App

Yes, Recharging a phone in Nepal has become much easier recently, with Recharge cards being available in every other shop around the corner. But sometimes, the process of recharging your NTC or Ncell phones becomes cumbersome. Understanding the complexity while tallying the lengthy recharge codes from the card to the phone, Andro Nepal, America based Nepali developer, has developed a very practical app “NTC Ncell Scan to Recharge APP”. The app does exactly what the name suggests. To your surprise, the latest version of the app does even more. It helps you to request a loan from Ncell and also helps in finding the right data pack from both the NTC and Ncell.

 5. eSewa

NTC Ncell Scan to Recharge App can be considered to be a semi-digital one since the primary action for recharge is still buying a card from a store which is a bit old-school and not so compared to a digital wallet. The digital wallet doesn’t come handy only while recharging phones but also while paying different utility bills. When it comes to a digital wallet, eSewa comes first since it is the oldest, the most functional, feature-rich and has the most member banks. So, if you wanna go fully digital to pay bills for your phones, landlines, ADSL, different ISP’s bills, your electricity and water bills, and others, just get the eSewa app and you’ll be all set.

It won’t be out of place to mention that eSewa isn’t the only digital wallet for Nepalese and we’ll surely cover more on the list of e-wallets in Nepal in our future posts. Stay Tuned.

6. Nepali Dictionary – Offline

Nepali Dictionary – Offline is the third app to make to the list that is developed by the “Hamro Patro” team. This app actually more than just a mere Nepali Dictionary. The updated version of the app is much sophisticated and is feature-rich. This dictionary is a two way one, that means, you can search for the Nepali meaning of an English word or you may also search for the English meaning of a Nepali word. That is why, if you are looking for ways to improve your command on any of these languages, this app is the one you should have on your phone right away. The app has an engaging yet simple interface. Plus, there is no chance of getting bored since the app has integrated few learning games as well.

7. Learn English in Nepali (30 Day Challenge)

Are you not confident about your English Speaking? If yes, this is the app that you might be in search of. The app is for the Nepalese who want to have better commands in the English language. It has preset tasks for 30 Days that the developers claim to help a beginner learn English on the go. This app even works offline. Moreover, it even has sample answers to frequently asked Job Interview questions. Looking through the interface and using the app for a while, we can confidently say that with this app installed on your phone you can certainly improve your communication skills in English.


If you are one of those who prefers phone over TV then WOW TIME is the app you should give a try. It is Nepal’s first Linear TV & VOD(Video On Demand) OTT (Over The Top) Content distribution service that has been tied up with Nepal Telecom. That means, for the subscription you need to have a Nepal Telecom phone number. Though the app has an appreciable amount of free videos and services. However, on the subscription of paid services, your Nepal Telecom’s balance will be deducted. Though the free contents aren’t much different from what you’ll find on YouTube. Yet, the contents here are well organized as compared to scattered contents on YouTube. The app lets you watch live and recorded TV programs, FM contents, Movies, Music Videos and more.

9. Ludo Neo Classic

People of Nepal has been in love with the game of Ludo since long. Even today, the love towards this game is no lesser. Though there are tons of Ludo Games in the PlayStore. What we’d recommend is the Ludo Neo Classic. This game is developed by a Nepali App Developer, Jeewan Shrestha and the app has been downloaded over 10million times. This 4player (max) Ludo game could be a good time killer with your classmates, roommates or even your family members.


10.Nepali Audio Book

Reading books is exciting, eh? But, what is more, exciting is listening to someone read a book (story, novel, or poem) for you. That way, you can save the time you would have to invest in reading to something else. The best Nepali app to do so is the “Nepali Audio Book”. This app lets you listen to recorded Radio podcasts, especially from Ujjyalo Network. And, the best part is, you now can listen to any episodes of BulBul (novel reading podcast) at your convenience. The only downside is we cannot guarantee the future of the app since the developer doesn’t own the contents of the app and it may any time be forbidden by the right owner of the contents.

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