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Gold Price in Nepal | Todays Gold Rate in Nepal

Gone were the days when you had to turn pages of Newspapers just to find the latest gold price in Nepal. But, you needn’t do that anymore. You can find the latest price of gold today just at your fingertips. With a keen interest in showing you the today’s Gold rate in Nepal, we update this price list daily. There are numerous factors behind the fluctuation of the Gold rate in Nepal. But, we’ll cover those factors in our coming articles. Without any delay, here’s the latest price of Hallmark and Tejabi Gold in Nepal.

Gold Price in Nepal | Gold Silver Rate in Nepal | Sun Chadi Price in Nepal

Hallmark Gold Price in Nepal

Chapawal Sun – Per Tola: NRs. 57,600.03

Fine Gold Price in Nepal

Tejabi Sun – Per Tola: NRs. 57,300

Silver Price in Nepal

Chadi – Per Tola: NRs. 740.14

Per 10gm: NRs. 634.50

Gold Hallmark Price in Nepal

Per 10gm: NRs. 49,385.00

Gold Tajabi Price in Nepal

Per 10gm: NRs. 49,130.00



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