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With the availability of broadband internet everywhere, watching YouTube has become a great pastime for many. But watching anything on YouTube can’t be considered a wise investment of both the time and the data. Understanding your urge towards watching quality contents on YouTube, we’ve listed ten best Nepali YouTuber of 2017 who are committed to delivering quality contents to their viewers. Excited to know if your favourite YouTuber from Nepal has made it to the list? Let’s find out.

Disclaimer: The list is numbered, not ranked. It would be totally unfair to rank these creative artists based on their contents. These content creators are given the title of “Best YouTubers of 2017” regardless of the subscriber or the views count. They got the title for delivering quality contents throughout the year of 2017.

10 Best Nepali YouTubers of 2017

1. Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya is the name you’re going to hear a lot if you ask your vlog-watching friends who their favourite vlogger is. It’s never boring to watch any of his vlogs since he has a great sense of humour and talks about interesting and trending topics. In addition to that, his vlogs have creative and well-taken video clips including drone footages and time lapses. Plus, he has different series of vlogs that has been targeted to a wide spectrum of audiences. So, if you haven’t watched any of his vlogs then we’ve embedded a one you could start with. This travel vlog from his channel has set a bar even higher for any travel vloggers from Nepal.

2. Girish Khatiwada

Next in the list is a vlogger as well and he’s no other than Girish Khatiwada (The Gorkhali G). People know Girish more as a rapper and less as a vlogger though he’s one among the few YouTubers from Nepal who have made remarkable growth in their channel in less amount of time. Like Sisan, Girish Khatiwada also creates engaging vlogs. His excitement and positive energy he shows when in front of the camera is what makes crowd love his vlogs. What you get to see in his vlogs more often is the newcomers in Nepali Hip-hop, or say freestyle Nepali rappers. Girish also keeps doing collabs with different Music artists. To name a few of his video series, they are Girish Khatiwada vlogs, Nepali Lifestyle with Girish, Nepali Talent Hunt. Other than the vlogs, he keeps releasing songs and music videos on his channel every now and then.

To give you a glimpse of what his vlog is like, we’ve embedded one of his popular videos here:


3. James Shrestha

James Shrestha, the name that got into the limelight from his music career has now grown into a famous YouTuber from Nepal. This 24-year-old Nepali young man, now based in London, has been producing funny, engaging and interesting YouTube videos since 2016. His channel made mentionable growth in 2017 and the credit goes to his vlogs, reacts and pranks videos. In addition to them, he even does quite a few unboxing and Q&A videos. No matter whatever he makes his audience seems to be loving it. What you would get to see in most of his videos are his friends including his girlfriend who keeps making the appearance in most of his vlogs. The couples are cool and adorable. As the James, himself, says the best way to know about him is through his videos, that is why we have one right for you. It won’t be out of place to mention, James is one of very few Nepali Music Artists to have a Vevo Youtube account. However, he has officially mentioned he has stopped making music recently due to his busy schedule. But who knows, his schedule might get a little loose in 2018 and he might give us another new Nepali song to listen to.

4. Sabin Karki – Beest

Sabin Karki, former crew-member of Cartoon Crewz, has started his own YouTube channel which is as interesting as his dancing. More than the dances, this channel is a great amalgamation of vlogs, dance videos and comedy short videos. This young man is funny, creative and artistic. So, watching any of his videos will be a good refreshment for you both at work or at home. Haven’t watched any of Beest’s video? If yes, this is the one you could start with:


5. Neetesh Jung Kunwar

If you have watched the videos of the Sisan and the Beest (embedded above) and you liked the song in the background then Neetesh Jung Kunwar is the one you should be checking on YouTube. Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a young music artist who produces songs that are written with so much maturity. He’s best known among the youngsters for his songs with the lyrics that anyone can relate to. After listening to his songs for first 10-15 seconds, we’re sure you’re gonna like it forever. Plus, Neetesh also produces music for the vlogs of Sisan very so often. More than the music, Neetesh keeps making the appearance in quite some vlogs with Sisan.  In addition to his originals, he has done few cover songs as well. Here is his most popular song till the date:


6. Rupshi Basnet

Looking through the list and disappointed to not see a female YouTuber to make it to the list? Well, that’s understandable but you shouldn’t be disappointed anymore. Rupshi Basnet, a nurse by profession and a great comedy artist by passion, is a one among the interesting YouTubers from Nepal. What she does is a role-play of different characters like mom, aunt, boyfriend, husband and more all by herself using some costumes and Snapchat like filters. Plus, her videos have both irony and reality. So, it’s really worth it to watch most of her funny short videos. To give you a glimpse of what her videos are like, here’s a one:


7. SMZ

SMZ is a channel of a motovlogger who is known for the continuous release of videos. The two years old channel keeps releasing 2 to 3 videos every week and his videos are mostly vlogs that are shot from GoPro while riding a motorbike in the streets of Nepal. Plus, his style of doing vlogs is unique and funny. The way he narrates is so unique yet engaging and you would get to laugh a lot in any of his videos. The inspiring young man doesn’t do professional reviews of the motorbike but still, you get to watch him test ride random motorbikes including a cycle. Yes, a “budo” cycle. You would get to see him pet his dog “Tison” at the start of most of his vlogs. The rider keeps talking while riding and that helps in making the video very engaging. It’s really hard to describe his vlogging style and the best would be by sharing one of his videos. That’s why here’s one just for you.

8. Why so Offended

A young but talented Stand-up comedy artist, Binayak Kuinkel has started his own channel from the beginning of the year of 2017. Started with stand-up comedy videos shot at his classroom, now the channel has been through mentionable upgrades and he’s been making quality contents since the first quarter of 2017. This guy makes funny videos on trending topics. He speaks the truth but in a funny way. What is so cool about him is, he transforms himself into few other characters that are spot on and funny. To name a few of his characters, they are a Politician, Newar Guy, a slut woman, a weed guy, and so on.  These characters are the reason none of his video feels boring. To give you an overview of what kind of video this young college student produces, here’s a one:

9. Ming Sherap

Ming Sherap is another new YouTube channel that made its debut in the year 2017. This 7-month-old channel has already passed 55k subscriber counts. This is not because of more contents but because of quality contents. By quality contents, we don’t necessarily mean the video quality but the theme the video is based on and how accurately the video justifies the theme. What you’ll find on this channel is the video with the theme any Nepali youngsters can relate to. Ming Sherap is best known for his videos made on “Types of people”. To give you an example, few of his very popular videos are based on: “Types of Football Player”, “Types of Juwadey”, “Types of Alcoholic Friends” and the like. Can’t wait to watch his videos? Here’s the one to start with:


Surprised to see an empty slot on the list? Actually, we kept it empty for a reason. It’s for our readers to comment down the name of YouTuber from Nepal who they think deserve an honourable mention on the list.

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